Part-Time Private Offices – Starting at $203 a month

Are you looking for a private office space solution but need something with more flexible terms to match your unpredictable schedule? Our part-time private offices provide you with:

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Why Should You Take a Part-Time Private Office With Carr Workplaces?

For those looking to experience our unrivaled flexibility and hospitality, taking a part-time private office at one of our nationwide locations, is just right for you. A part-time private office at Carr Workplaces gives you the privacy that you’ve desired and the prestige of location that you’ve yearnedwith the scalability and flexibility to tailor your part-time private office to fit the needs of your business.

Choose from either our 16 hour or 40-hour per month plans and book in one-hour increments to best meet your businesses’ needs. Our terms are flexible to allow for easy business scaling and customization of your temporary private office plan.

Private office space with cool maps of the United States plastered along the walls
Private office space in Manhattan NYC

What Phone Services Are Included in a Part-Time Private Office?

part-time private office with Carr Workplaces comes complete with a VoIP handset phone and a dedicated direct line for in-office use. Each VoIP phone has a digital voicemail mailbox with 24/7 remote access and a voicemail to email feature if you find yourself too busy to take a call.

Just like our business phone service plan, part-time private office users can utilize our call screening feature, to have one of our smiling team members answer and direct your phone calls as a first point of contact. Choose what your clients hear when they call you, with a customized greeting as an additional service of call screening. As a bonus, part-time private office users are also provided softphone options for any potential telephone computing via desktop or your mobile device. 

What Kind of Technology Support Will I Receive?

For those who may not fancy themselves as tech-savvy – or if you just want that assurance – a part-time private office even comes with access to our remote and on-site IT support team.

For your internet and network needs, your part-time private office is equipped with client and guest Wi-Fi access, a fully managed and supported firewall, a 24/7 network operations center, and remote network monitoring to keep any business transactions safe and secure.

My Business Centers Around Collaboration, How Can This Remain Constant, Even in a Part-Time Private Office?

Carr Workplaces provides serviced office space facilities, meaning that you’ll have our administrative team’s undivided support to assist you as needed.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of our newly launched WorkReady PLUS app, where part-time private office users can book a meeting or conference room from the palm of one’s hand, access meeting and conference room support, and coordinate around other reservations.

From a collaboration standpoint, WorkReady PLUS allows users to virtually connect with other members within the app itself which can lead to fruitful networking among Carr Workplaces clients down the road.

Does a Part-Time Private Office Have Any Additional Benefits?

Additionally, the WorkReady app allows users to submit requests, communicate with the Carr Workplaces team, make/cancel meeting reservations, view/pay invoices, and receive any community updates.  

WorkReady PLUS users receive discounts at national businesses such as ZipcarDoorDashPetPlanTriNetKimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and GoToMeeting.

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