Fort Wayne Marketing

Utilize a full scale, all-purpose multimedia studio located directly within Carr Workplaces Electric Works

Carr Workplaces has established a partnership with Fort Wayne Marketing for a new all-purpose multimedia studio which is located within Carr Workplaces Electric Works!

Fort Wayne Marketing is a full-service marketing agency offering video production, brand strategy, marketing tactics, public relations, web development and social media.

Because of the unique partnership with Carr Workplaces, all clients receive preferred member pricing on services. If you’re a business that wants to make themselves more seen and heard, look to the team at Fort Wayne Marketing to provide the expertise to boost your business.

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Interested in Being Featured on Fort Wayne Marketing’s Plugged in at Electric Works?

As Carr Workplaces Electric Works is the home of Fort Wayne Marketing, the creative marketing agency hosts a show profiling local businesses. Would you like to be featured on the show? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch if you’re the right fit!

Featured Plugged In Guests:

  • STAR Financial Bank

    Ryan Lepird - Private Banker
    Ryan shares how STAR is a local family owned bank and the advantages to that for clients and why they chose to be at Electric Works.

  • 4th Street Real Estate

    Ben Wahli - Founder
    Ben shares about how 4th Street Real Estate brings sellers more money to their bottom line, and their focus on restoration of historical homes.

  • Blackbird Design

    Melissa Hall - Founder
    Melissa talks about how Blackbird begins to design a building, meets design requirements and laws, and how they utilize Carr Workplaces as their HQ.

  • WealthWave

    Austin Hogan - Founder
    Austin talks all about why WealthWave focuses on financial education in order to empower their clients to make good money decisions.

  • Occular

    Aaron Springer - Founder
    Aaron shares how Occulair offers site capture services for construction companies to showcase construction projects as they are in process.

  • NIIC

    Mike Fritsch - President
    Mike talks all about NIIC’s brand-new mission centered around entrepreneurship and the career coaching services that NIIC offers.

Fort Wayne Marketing’s Service Offerings

Fort Wayne Marketing serves clients in Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Baltimore, New York, and in the greater Washington D.C. area. A Midwest-based agency, Fort Wayne Marketing’s award-winning creative team strives to offer fair deals and deliver real value to its clients. Learn more about Fort Wayne Marketing’s customizable plans and click the link below to see a full list of their pricing and various marketing packages. Choose from:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Public Relations
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Video Production

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The Fort Wayne Marketing Team

Their team = your team. They’re ready to embrace your goals as their own.

Justin Kendall

Senior Art Director

Cora Lupardo

Digital Media & Account Manager

Mary Jane Bogle


Mike Perkins


Aaron Jentgen

Graphic Designer

Shelby Nave

Multimedia Specialist

Sierra Paff

Social Media Assistant

John Paff

Founder & CEO