5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Office Space on a Budget

Personalizing your office space is an easy means to improve efficiency and decrease  stress. With most Americans spending at least 8 hours a day in the office, there’s clear value in customizing your workspace to have a personal touch (otherwise known as place identity). Whether you have a small space or a large work area, here are some affordable decoration ideas to make your work environment comfortable and enjoyable to be in.

  1. Declutter your space: While figuring out what to throw away can be challenging, put some thought into the furniture and items you have in your office space, like that couch that’s looking a little dated. Also, consider equipment– like that old broken printer that is now acting more like a huge paperweight. At times, when we are busy we may also overlook how we store paper files and often create piles on a work surface and eventually shove them in cabinets so they are “out of sight, out of mind”.  If you don’t need files, make the shredder your new best friend. If you do need them, factor in the best way to store them. Take a look at how you can use the furniture and equipment you have for its intended purpose and let go of anything that doesn’t work, it’ll make you more efficient or happy. 
  2. Paint: There is nothing more cost-effective than paint when on a budget. It has the power to completely transform a space. On a really tight budget, consider an accent wall. Look for neutral colors that are calming but also bring you the energy you need in your space. Make sure to consider the furniture in the space when choosing paint. If you have dark furniture, then perhaps you want to use a lighter wall color to create contrast. If you have light furniture and want the “clean” look but don’t want all white walls, choose a darker color for an accent wall that will add interest. (Note: wallpaper is a less strenuous alternative to give your office a personal touch, and is easy to remove). 
  3. Artwork: Art doesn’t have to cost a small fortune and can work wonders to give your space a creative and interesting environment. Create your own art with inexpensive frames from IKEA or discount stores like Home Goods. Add photography or re-frame images you may have in older frames to compliment your space. Alternatively, if you don’t have an “arts and crafts” touch, you can always purchase budget art at thrift stores and yard sales or consider “shopping” in your home for pieces you can bring to the office.
  4. Lighting: If you are not privy to a window for natural lighting, you can create the lighting you need. Add a larger lamp to increase general lighting in your space and smaller lamps for ambient or task lighting. Lamps can add so much interest to your space.
  5. Bring in a touch of green: Plants not only provide oxygen but also soften office spaces. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always purchase small succulents that need very little maintenance. When you really don’t want to factor in any time at all, there are always inexpensive faux plants, or you can make your own. Michael’s has a great-quality faux plant décor that will allow you to create a fabulous potted arrangement for under $30.00.

With these simple techniques, your office will go from just a workspace to what feels like a second home. If you’re looking for the perfect office space to personalize, Carr Workplaces offers personal office spaces in our 29 locations nationwide.

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