5 Tips for a Successful Office Move

They say that when you move your pet cat into a new home, you should try to coat its paws with butter so that it’s too busy licking its paws to panic about its new surroundings. The process stops the cat from panicking in this scenario — or so I’ve heard — but is there a similar technique you can apply to transplanting an office worker to a new location? The corporate offices here at Carr Workplaces made a recent move from the 8th floor to the 2nd in the Willard Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue here in Washington, DC, and in no time I was in love with my new environment. For your reading pleasure, here are some tips as to how we made such a speedy and smooth transition into our new office space:

Make a thorough plan

This bullet point is a little vague, but let me reiterate: make a thorough plan. That is, when you begin planning an office move, clearly lay every step of the process out. This includes having everything from your furnishings to your IT infrastructure and so forth lined up and ready to enable in your office on day one, and coordinating with contractors and your own team members to know where to start getting back to work.

Elect a leader who gets things done

The MVP for this transition was our own Hai Son Kien, who made a centralized plan to get everything and everybody from point A to point B seamlessly. If you want to make sure everything above is organized, do yourself a favor and get yourself a Hai Son for the project, so that you can streamline communications throughout the process of the move.

Put some elbow grease into it

Other co-workers within the office worked tirelessly over the weekend to have set pieces ready to go for all of us by the time the next work week started. Before that we had every hand in the office pitching in to pack each room’s equipment and materials so they were ready to move — this is also a good opportunity to clean out clutter and odd marketing materials, ones that you’re no longer sure why you have them.

Expect pitfalls

As contractors drilled into shelves and adjusted ply wall for the first week after the move, it became hard to focus at times in our new suite. However, such growing pains are inevitable no matter how well you organize your move. Another issue we ran into was when we realized we were behind schedule on making the move happen, and so we postponed it by a week to ensure that everything would be as tidy as it could be, rather than begin the next week in the new office in complete disarray.

Provide support

The last piece of advice I have is to give your office mates a reason to be patient during the move. Be accommodating to everyone’s needs, and when appropriate, allow team members to work from home during construction. And make it worth their while with a happy hour once the dust has cleared.

While there isn’t anything as simple as buttered paws to make a move painless for your co-workers, these methods will make sure your team stays productive while the transition occurs. But do you need more help strategizing your move? If so, our WorkReady Services can help you take on the minutiae of setting up a new suite so you and your peers can focus on the real work that your business or organization needs to get done.

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