How Can My Business and I Benefit from Coworking?

In my experience working with Carr Workplaces for over a decade, I’ve been helping clients navigate business services as they emerge. A lot of potential clients that come to tour our workspaces are just beginning to make the transition from home office to coworking. I’ve compiled a list of the top benefits which makes coworking perfect or any size business:

1.) Minimal Strings Attached – Coworking offers flexible lease terms for private offices and virtual solutions. With minimal term requirements and the option to go month-to-month companies aren’t locked into long commitments and can take advantage of their ability to scale up or down as their needs change.

2.) Boost your Network– Home offices are incredibly isolating, and provide no human interaction. Coworking spaces offer the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and other professionals navigating a very similar experience. Users capitalize by diversifying their network or even form synergies expanding their reach through meaningful connections.

3.) Support for your Professional and Personal Life – Shared space providers are expanding their service offering going above and beyond all-inclusive offices to now include concierge services, administrative support and business development tools in a one-stop-shop. Carr Workplaces went above, and beyond the industry standard by expanding their offerings to include support for their member’s personal life with the ability to contract dry cleaning, IT support, mail scanning, web hosting, office space, cross-country meeting rooms, dog walking and travel expenses all on one invoice.

4.) Afford and Impress – Coworking users impress their clients and network with a prestigious location and can ditch a P.O. Box on their business card or website. A Business Address Plan for less than $100 per month includes the use of a business address, mail receipt, and forwarding services. Your prospective client has no idea your office is located in the MetLife Building in Midtown Manhattan or Embarcadero Center in downtown San Francisco is Virtual Solution.


Come give coworking a whirl at any Carr Workplaces location. Your first week is always on us!


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