FW: 5 CEO’s share their best productivity tips

Summer brain fog is real and here’s a new study to prove you’re not alone. Easy to say, running and trying to grow your company isn’t easy at any time of year. Let alone during this summer heat wave.

We are always looking for new ways to approach the work day and often turn to our favorite brands for tips and tricks. This article from Fast Company gives insight to five CEO’s go-to methods for optimizing productivity while running their business:

  1. Keep your high energy times open
  2. Focus on the 5%
  3. Be ruthless about eliminating interruptions
  4. Define the goal
  5. Get ideas out of your head

So to keep our thoughts from drifting to the sandy, beach shoreline, we’re focusing on four and five these next few months. What are your goals as an entrepreneur this summer and how do you optimize your day?

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