4 Quick Ways to Clean Your Virtual Desktop


The inevitable popup that slows us down, makes us crazy and miss the most adorable photo-op of our dogs. Today is Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Did you know that was a holiday? Me neither. As cluttered virtual desktops have taken over all my devices, passing my email address out like Halloween candy, and years (yes, years) of the dreaded “Storage Almost Full” notifications, I figured this was a holiday worth celebrating.

Here are 4 ways you can celebrate with me:

1. Move to Cloud Storage – Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, GoogleDrive are your best bets here. Whichever one you pick, use it to get excess files off your desktop and into the cloud. Not only will this clean up your device and allow you to access your files from anywhere but also protect your data incase anything happens to your devices. The only thing on your desktop should be files you need access to daily.

2. Small Steps, Big Change

  • Delete the 1,675 screen shots you’ve been planning on getting to.
  • Subscribe to a music streaming service and get all your music off your device. Streaming services take up less space, allow you access to new music and suggest new artist that may help power your work day.
  • Upload your enormous video files to the cloud.

3. Desktop File Folders – You’ve loaded everything to the cloud, gotten rid of your screenshot archive; now it’s time to set yourself up for organized success! Let this be the only time we have to celebrate National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Pick 5-10 buckets that all your work falls into, Finance, Analytics, Content & Strategy, etc. Let these be the only extra icons on your desktop, and all other files live categorized in here.

4. Unroll.Me An important part of our desktops and phone storage is email. So cleaning up your inbox fits right into today’s celebration. Unroll.Me is a free service that allows you to instantly see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want. Life-changing.

 More speed, more space, more off your to do list!

Now that your Virtual Desktop is set up for success, it could be time for your own Virtual Office. Carr Workplaces offers virtual offices plans that start at just $80/month, providing the flexibility and freedom to work wherever you want while also having a credible business presence. Services include a mailing address, professional phone answering service, private phone number and voice mailbox, allotted hours of private office and meeting room use during business hours, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, access to the community cafe, and member rates on additional spaces and services.

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