Coworking Trends for Workspace Innovation

Coworking Trends for Workspace Innovation

Ashley Buckner

Ashley Korner, SVP Sales Operations at Carr Workplaces, shares her insights about trends in the workspace industry following the Global Workspace Association Conference:

The leadership team of our organization recently had the opportunity to attend the Global Workspace Association annual conference in Las Vegas. This yearly event brings together the best and brightest minds in the shared space & coworking industry to share new ideas, new trends, new products, and new connections. As member of the GWA Board, I personally had the privilege of contributing to the content and speaker lineup at this year’s conference, and one of the most interesting sessions by far was the one about coworking trends, “TrendWatch”.

Ours is a rapidly changing industry that has seen huge growth in the past few years due to the entry of major players like WeWork, as well as greater visibility and acceptance of shared workspaces by more consumers. The coworking trends session though specifically focused on non-traditional operators entering the shared workspace marketplace. Companies like Verizon and Staples are forming partnerships with coworking companies to either provide space or services in the operation of new business centers. Building owners are making more space available to small space users, and commercial real estate brokers are understanding the value of working to place smaller groups either in their own space or in a coworking location.

This is an exciting time to be a part of industry that is getting so much hype for innovation and creative use of space, and Carr Workplaces is well poised to remain a leader in the field. However amidst all of the change in the concept and acceptability of shared workspace, our focus remains the same: working to ensure our clients receive five-star service in beautiful space that is part of larger, vibrant community. That piece will never, ever change!

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