The Fall 2019 Rising Stars Backpack Drive is Here

It’s with great enthusiasm that we announce the start of the Fall 2019 Rising Stars Backpack Drive. Rising Stars was created by Oliver Carr Jr. in 2012 to address the serious lack of financial support that many kids suffer in trying to access a decent education. It’s hard to fathom but many children today lack the basic financial means for even rudimentary scholastic tools like pens, paper and books. Since 2012 Rising Stars has sought to remedy this, donating over $1 million to provide scholarships and school supplies for needy kids. 100% of the monies collected are donated, an almost unheard of feat in the world of charity.

This year’s drive will support two schools in the Washington, DC area that go to considerable lengths to provide disadvantaged children with high quality education: The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys in Southeast Washington, DC and St. Anthony Catholic School in Northeast Washington, DC. Students qualify to attend BWS based on need, and the cost of tuition is covered entirely by donor contributions.  St. Anthony, a private school for boys and girls aged pre-K to eighth grade, sits in a part of the city populated predominantly by lower-income families while still demanding academic rigor and service-driven leadership from its students for almost a century. It boasts a 100% acceptance rate into high schools of choice by its student body.

Please consider donating to Rising Stars from now until the end of August. You can make a contribution easily through the Rising Stars website using PayPal.Take comfort knowing that every cent of your tax-deductible donation will benefit a child in their pursuit of education and greater opportunities in life.

Helping others is a core value at Carr Workplaces because none of us would be where we are without the aid of someone else.


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