How Your Office Can Boost Productivity

At work, we probably don’t think much about our surroundings. We spend 8 hours on average in this enclosed workspace. Are we being as productive as we want to be? Could the design of your office boost productivity? Here are a few tips and ideas from a native New Yorker:

The everyday soundscape of the urban environment can be troubling. Distractions are the enemy of productivity and sound is the main culprit. My time at Carr Workplaces has taught me while there is no substitute for a heavy door between you and the roar of the office. Not every workspace has one though, so if you know your space won’t you might have to bring in reinforcements like a pair of noise-canceling earbuds. Another idea is to bring in some noise friendly furniture like lounge chairs and partitions. They are good at absorbing a lot of the ambient sound.

I suggest you find an office rich in color and light. Studies show the color of a room impacts the way the occupants feel. Reds, yellows, and oranges bring energy to your space, while purples, blues, and greens are more calming. If you decide to rent an office in a shared office environment, find a place that has the color and a lot of natural light. Color is even more important if you rent a private office with no windows.

Advocates of standing desks point to studies showing that after a meal, blood sugar levels return to normal faster on days a person spends more time standing. And standing, rather than sitting, may reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain. Many Carr Workplaces clients use a full range of standing desks or even wobble seats.

Hopefully deploying these few tips will go long way in boosting your productivity. I believe your surroundings should help you drive towards success.

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