A Part-Time Office Gives Your Business a Full-Time Home

Part-time offices are used in a variety of ways, such as giving a business an upgrade in image. Sarah J., a lawyer in Boston, does most of her work remotely, but once or twice a week needs to meet with clients.

“The part-time office at Carr Workplaces has been a game-changer. I can receive clients in an environment that’s quiet and private. I don’t have a need for a full-time office, but nor can I afford to meet clients in a setting that’s unprofessional.”

Others take advantage of the part-time office by effectively making Carr Workplaces an extension of their company. Brian M., a manager for a museum in Washington, D.C. became a fan because of the added flexibility his institution gets. “When I realized I could book large meeting rooms for interviews, team training and break-out sessions I was sold. Carr Workplaces are great for adding to your organization’s footprint without a major commitment.”

Perhaps the biggest testament to the benefits of a part-time office at Carr Workplaces is that so many of our full-time office clients are part-time graduates.That is, we’ve had numerous businesses come to us initially with only the budget or the needs for a part-time solution only to see their business grow, necessitating an upgrade to a full-time space.

How can a part-time office at a Carr Workplaces coworking location serve you?

  • A dedicated phone line and staff answering your calls in the exact way you want.
  • A coveted mailing address to receive correspondence and packages.
  • 16-40 hours a month to utilize spacious quiet offices.
  • Access to meeting rooms and event spaces.

Part-time office plans start at just $243 per month.

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