Carr Workplaces to Open at Purdue University

Carr Workplaces is proud to announce a new partnership with Purdue University, opening one of our award-winning coworking locations within the University’s Discovery Park District in order to support the thriving business and technology innovation community. Carr Workplaces will be located within a brand-new building, the aptly named Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration, on the west side of the Purdue campus, and will have approximately 20,000 square feet of private offices, drop-in workspace and meeting rooms. Both business and members of the university community, such as faculty and students, will all have access to the Carr Workplaces facilities. In addition to the various coworking offerings, Carr Workplaces will also provide support services to tenants on all five floors of the new Convergence Center.

Austin Flajser, President of Carr Workplaces has called this partnership, “a new high point for Carr Workplaces. So many of society’s great advances start at the university-level, including many of the technologies we take for granted today. To provide a space where businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers can work in conjunction with the brightest university minds is deeply gratifying.”

The Convergence Center is set to open in 2020 at 101 Foundry Drive on the Purdue University main campus and will serve as the entryway for the planned $1 billion-plus Discovery Park District.

Read more about the new partnership here.

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