Quick, Healthy Office Solutions

Did you know the average human spends 6-8 hours a day sitting at their desk? What if you made just 1 tiny change. At Carr Workplaces health and wellness are important components that make up our office communities. First thing’s first you have to stop saying you can’t find time in the day to prioritize your health. Here a 3 quick changes you can make:

  1. Try lunch on the go. Grab some fruit and a granola bar and go for a walk outside on your lunch break. Fresh air is always a good idea and more importantly gets you moving. My Carr Workplaces location in Westchester,NY is conveniently located across from Saxon Woods park which we encourage clients to take advantage of. Walking is said to increase creativity, productivity and help maintain a healthy body weight. Carr Workplaces also helps promote wellness by offering standing desks and treadmill desks to our clients.  There are several ways to be healthy in the workplace, you just need to know your options.
  2. Chair Yoga! There are several yoga poses you can do from the comfort of your chair that allow you to stretch your body and encourage blood circulation. Just like regular yoga chair yoga provides the following benefits: reduced stress, mental clarity, improved flexibility, strength and proprioception. You get all the benefits of a great yoga class from your desk.
  3. A little friendly competition is sure to get you motivated. You can round up your co-workers and participate in a weekly step-challenge. Challenge yourselves to surpass your weekly goal while working on team building if you build in ways to do it together!

Now go on, get active and always find time for a better you!

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