FW: Six Ways To Improve Team Collaboration And Enhance Productivity

Working on a team can be a challenge especially as we grow into a more tech-savvy work culture. We hide away in our cubicles, use instant messaging to communicate and track deadlines on apps. But collaboration with one another in the workplace is important, look at companies like Apple, Twitter and Microsoft that were not found by just one person. If your team is needing a little pick me up, we love these six tips from Forbes online.

1. Inspire Innovation – Host quarterly “Team Innovations”.

2. Keep Individuals Organized – Use strong leadership to delegate tasks.

3. Ask Them To Tell Their Story – When we share these stories, we are able to have more empathy for the other person and understand their journey.

4. Implement Effective Task Management – Use an effective system that manages the tasks and projects that your team is to accomplish.

5. Encourage Open Communication – Encourage better relationships of all kinds, so to improve teamwork and collaboration.

6. Align Their Interest – Tell people how everyone’s work contributes to the fulfillment of the larger goal.

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