The Stand Up Office Lifestyle

There is no question that offices are changing as both employees and employers are focusing more on health and wellness in the office. There are many simple ways to improve your health while you are at the office that don’t involve going to the gym. One of those ways is by using a standing desk during portions of the work day.

Here at Carr Workplaces’ corporate headquarters in DC, we have embraced the standing desk lifestyle. The desk allows our corporate team to stand up when each team member chooses to do so during the day while continuing to work. Efficient and healthy! So why bother standing up during the work day? Check out these health facts regarding the benefits:

  • Lowering Risk of Obesity – Standing leads to more calories burned, specifically 50 more calories per hour while standing. If you were to stand for half of a standard 40 hour work week, you would be burning an additional 1,000 calories per week just from standing!
  • Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes – In studies of small groups of office workers, it has been shown that standing helps to reduce blood sugar spikes. Both standing after lunch as well as alternating standing and sitting every 30 minutes during the work day lead to reduction in blood sugar spikes.
  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease – Sitting has been shown to lead to an increased risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease. Spending an additional 2+ hours a day sitting in front of a screen (computer/TV) has been show to increase the risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease by 125%.
  • Help You Live Longer – Sedentary lifestyles is a contributing factor to earlier mortality. By reducing sitting time to 3 hours per day, we would be able to increase our life expectancy by 2 years!

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the stand up lifestyle, we can help with that too! Besides having desks for our corporate team, we have also helped many Carr Workplaces clients order and install personal stand up desks. Let our services team know you are interested!

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