FW: The Power Of Trust

We always put an emphasis on teamwork at our Carr Workplaces, but teamwork doesn’t work without trust. Getting into our New Year groove we came across this article from workdesign.com that might shift your thinking and what exactly creates trust amongst your employees. Workplaces that make employees feel trusted are winning the hearts of employees – and making employees more engaged, too. What are the rules around trust at work?

Here’s what Work Design Magazine had to say:

  • Sharing: No dedicated space, but team spaces and neighborhoods, scrums and squad rooms articulated in a collaborative environment. Get your leaders ready for a wave of change in the way they manage their teams.
  • Transparency: There is no hiding but only corners where you can find peace and quiet environment. Keep a space highly visible to the rest of the team, so you encourage communication and exchange, and make the leadership visible.
  • Openness: Let your space breathe out and provide a long and open environment, take down partitions and raised the desks.
  • Unplanned connections: Think about how you can create healthy collisions in your working environment, so people bump into each other.
  • Open mindset: Expect the unexpected and let it happen. The space is not yours, it is theirs. The team belongs in it, they have to take control of it and they have to make it their own. Chaos is on the menu…

Read the full article here.

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