7 Reasons Your For-Profit Company Should Work With Non-Profits

There is no business strategy more effective in making a positive difference, both economically and socially, than building a strategic partnership between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization.

The Top Ten Benefits for a Company to Partner with an Organization:

  1. More Employee Engagement, Morale, and Retention

Employees feel motivated to work harder when they’re working for a company that’s making a positive impact on society. In working with nonprofits, people will feel a sense of camaraderie as they work to help a good cause.

    2. Increase Customer and Brand Loyalty By Giving Back to Draw Media Attention and Coverage for Free

Consumers have never been as concerned about corporate social responsibility as they are today. In making a positive impact with a non-profit, your company can get a serious PR boost from the media and on social media. In turn, people will be more inclined to purchase your product over the competitors that aren’t making an effort to make a positive difference 

    3. Uptick in Sales of Products or Services 

With good deeds usually comes good press and exposure. People are willing to pay more and stick around with brands that they feel are making a positive contribution to society. Therefore, your charitable work will undoubtedly increase brand loyalty for both current and future buyers!

    4.  Improve Employee Skill Development, Team Building, Leadership

Working with a charity is a fresh new challenge for many employees. Doing so will require employees to build new skills, work with new people, and grow as individuals! The more skills the merrier for your group of hard-working employees. 

    5. Attract new Business Partners and Relationships

Nonprofits are generally very well connected, as they often work with powerful and wealthy donors to support their goals. In working with nonprofits, you’ll build direct relationships with big names/companies across industries. 

    6. Generate Recognition for the Good They Create in Society

Positive public relations is an absolute must for a thriving business. In working with nonprofits, you’ll show the world that your business truly values making a positive contribution to the world, and cares about more than just making money. 

    7. Receive a Tax Donation for Contributions

Ever notice how many big name celebrities donate a ton of money to charities? While they probably like making a positive difference, they 100% like the tax benefits that come as a result. Similarly, your business can have a win-win by helping others AND getting tax reductions from Uncle Sam. 

Clearly, partnering with a non-profit organization can be rewarding and useful if done correctly.  There are two main ways to partner with a nonprofit organization:

  1. Cause marketing is the type of partnership that many large corporations choose. You have likely experienced cause marketing when buying groceries or going through the drive-thru and agreed to add a donation to your total bill. If you have agreed to add a small amount to your total in order to donate to an organization, you have participated in a company’s cause marketing.
  2. Corporate giving, which most of us are more familiar with. Corporate giving, otherwise known as corporate philanthropy, essentially means making charitable donations. These types of donations are tax deductions, and oftentimes are deducted from employees paychecks on a regular basis. This type of partnership can be made by both companies and individuals.

While companies are often inspired by making positive contributions to society, it’s important to remember the monetary benefits of being charitable, and that doing so can most definitely assist with hitting business objectives and improving the company’s bottom line.

Here at Carr Workplaces, we’re proud to work with both non-profit and for-profit businesses in all of our locations nationwide! For more information on how we can help your business, check out our Plans & Pricing.

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