Thriving In Today's Business World

Thriving In Today's Business World

Ashley Buckner

Currently a General Manager at Carr Workplaces’ Metro Center location in downtown DC, Gelda Maule has not only worn many hats at the company, she has done so in life as well.  Known as the fun-loving, steady, passionate, caring and compassionate voice of reason of Carr Workplaces, she believes that compassion and authenticity should be shown in all environments of one’s life.

CW: Give us a little background – where have you been and what got you here?

Gelda: I have worked in various industries and worn several different hats.  From the front desk of a maternity clinic while still in high school in Trinidad, auditing at an accounting firm, to sales, fundraising and hospitality. I have had tremendous opportunities to learn and experience life's triumphs and challenges.  Then I entered the flexible workspace industry back in 2006 and the rest is history.

Since being at Carr in 2012, I have worked at 7 different properties!  My combination of experiences and skill sets have played a big part in the success of my current role.  The mixture of strong customer service, sales, accounting and operational experience have given me the delicate balance of what’s needed to thrive in this industry.

CW: What's the most important lesson you've learned along the way?

Gelda: I've learned that people are our greatest asset; the customers and the employees.  Having a company culture which embodies a set of positive core values that's embedded in the blood stream/fabric of the corporation eventually becomes contagious, and affects each employee. This culture then spills over onto our clients, thereby creating progressive and dynamic work environments and communities. Without even realizing it, everyone, customers and employees alike, will talk about their positive experiences resulting in unsolicited referrals.

CW: How do you keep your calm in the midst of crazy days?

Gelda: A 5-minute timeout and my spirituality (not necessarily in that order). Taking 5 minutes to sit quietly helps me to refocus an put the craziness in perspective. Believing in something bigger than myself, allows me to realize that it's not always about me. I've been given an opportunity today, just today, to make a positive difference, and I should seize the moment and use it wisely.

CW: How do you re-charge?

Gelda: I have several outlets to help me center myself and feel rejuvenated. Some of them are prayer, a vigorous workout, going home to Trinidad, listening to music and treating myself to a spa day.

CW: What values are most important to you in a professional setting?

Gelda: Respect for each other and service with honesty and integrity.

CW: If you could have one super-power, what would it be?

Gelda: I would become a “genie” and be able to "fix" things and situations, and grant wishes.

CW: What do you love about where you’re at right now?

Gelda: First and foremost, I enjoy what I do! Being able to provide a superior service and product to others, that can help them and their businesses thrive, is rewarding. I enjoy learning about our clients as individuals and as business owners and managers, as it sparks a fire inside of me that challenges me to find ways that I can help them achieve their goals. Sometimes it’s as simple as introducing them to another like-minded client, or talking through ways that they can forge relationships with the government in an effort to be awarded contracts, or helping them setup a “Lunch and Learn” at our location to share their competencies with the other clients at our center. This aspect of our business, being a resource to help them thrive, truly excites me!

In addition, our Metro Center location is beautiful and shows well, which certainly helps from a selling perspective. The vibrancy and energy within the Center is contributed to the dynamic team on hand. Location-wise, there isn’t another DC shared workplace that has a private entrance into their building with direct access to DC’s main subway hub, “Metro Center”. The building is Energy Star and LEED Silver certified, beautifully appointed with a marble foyer and amenities such as a 9,000 SF fitness center with an indoor pool, onsite spa and massage services and fitness classes, new secure bike storage facility, and an outdoor rooftop terrace that is coming soon. It’s connected to the Grand Hyatt Washington hotel, and a walk outside opens you up to a world of retail, with 180+ nearby stores and restaurants. And if that isn’t enough, we are adjacent to CityCenterDC, only 3 blocks from the Verizon Center and the Convention Center, and within walking distance to the White House, Smithsonian monuments and so much more.

The company as a whole is innovative and expanding into new areas, and we’re developing cultures and communities that are inviting – spaces and places that you want to come to again and again.

What more can I ask for?

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