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The overall wellbeing of our team members, clients, and guests are at the forefront of our thoughts at Carr Workplaces. It is a top priority to adhere to the following Health & Safety Policy, as we monitor the spread and impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This policy is informed by guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and other relevant global health authorities to help us prevent the spread of the virus, limit the impact on our community, and provide centers that are well prepared for your return.

We have requested enhanced janitorial services in all of our buildings, which in most cases was already increased due to the virus. We have also implemented:

Our members and guests play a key role in helping Carr Workplaces combat COVID – 19 and keeping our center safe. We encourage all Carr Workplaces members to create and implement their own health and safety policy that considers the safety of their employees, our staff, and other members.  In addition, everyone should take basic necessary precautions as recommended by the CDC as may be regularly updated, including:

Our center team will be adhering to this policy before reporting to work each day.

We appreciate you putting the health and safety of our employees, members, guests, and community first. We are closely following the recommendations by public health organizations and are committed to taking additional measures as requirements change. In the meantime, do not hesitate to communicate any other concerns you may have by reaching out directly to your center team.  We will continue to provide guidance and updates as we anticipate the return to the office.