Why Having a Virtual Office Is a Necessity in 2021 – But What Exactly Is a Virtual Office?

Four Ways Your Business Can Benefit From a Virtual Office at Carr Workplaces Convergence

Access to a world class university and its premier talent pool, the ability to interact with other growing companies, and access to the highest quality office and meeting space – Purdue University has it all.

With a virtual office at Carr Workplaces Convergence, you can leverage these world-class benefits to take your company to the next level.

By Carr Workplaces – May 13, 2021

A virtual office with Carr Workplaces is made up of three core components: a virtual business address, business phone service, and on-demand workspace.  

As the climate of work has shifted in the favor of remote work, virtual offices have become a hot commodity as they have allowed companies to expand their business footprint into new markets without having to bear the hefty cost of leasing another large satellite office.

Virtual offices are perfect for agile, innovative self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to work in today’s ever-changing environment.

For more, read our virtual mailbox guide, which explains how the mailing address component of a virtual office with Carr Workplaces works.

Now that you’re equipped with the required knowledge, what does a virtual office look like at Carr Workplaces Convergence and why do I need one? Here are the top four reasons why:


1. You’ll receive access to Purdue University’s diverse talent pool and resources without the need to physically operate on campus.

When you choose a virtual business address at Carr Workplaces Convergence, 101 Foundry Drive, Suite 1200, West Lafayette, IN, you’re instantly plugged into one of Indiana’s most premier talent pools. Virtual business addresses allow growing companies to expand their physical footprint into new markets instead of having to lease expensive, long-term office space. Expanding your business presence to West Lafayette means new, ample opportunities to interact and work with Purdue’s innovative professors, researchers, and students. Plus, with your mailing address, you receive exclusive discounts on meeting rooms and on-demand offices that are available to book by the hour, day, or week. 

“With Purdue University being the leading agriculture land grant university in Indiana, having access to the professors, researchers, and students are a part of our success,” said Brad Fruth, Director of Innovation at Beck’s Hybrids – a Carr Workplaces Convergence client. “Having access to researchers and professors has helped our internal innovation projects when we need an opinion from a domain expert,” Fruth added.

2. Our professionally trained team members will be a dedicated extension of your team stationed in West Lafayette.

Gone are the days of having to uproot employees or hire new team members due to business expansion. With our business phone service plan, our team members serve as a dedicated extension of your team and are stationed on-site in West Lafayette. Whether its serving as a professional first point of contact or providing state-of-the-art administrative support services, we’re here to help your company take the next step as it establishes its roots at Purdue University. 

3. You’ll have access to high quality space well suited for on-demand meetings with key Purdue University personnel. 

For those with a desire to have an on-campus presence at Purdue University, our workspace plan gives you on-demand access to over 20,000 SF of private offices, drop-in workspaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces. All within walking distance of campus, you can utilize these high-quality workspaces to host and work with key Purdue University personnel as you grow your business. 

“[At] Purdue University, you have incredible access to talent and research and development teams, along with university staff who go out of their way to create a warm, welcoming environment that gives businesses unprecedented access to the school,” said Ethan Kingery, General Manager of Carr Workplaces Convergence. 

4. The price fits the purpose.

With low overhead costs, a virtual office at Carr Workplaces Convergence is a cost-efficient, flexible, and customizable way to establish a business presence at a world class university. Instead of signing a traditional, long term lease on a physical office space in West Lafayette, virtual offices give you that same business presence for a fraction of the cost. For those who do want a tangible, physical presence on campus, our customizable virtual office plans allow you to tailor your plan to fit your changing needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take a virtual office at Carr Workplaces Convergence and make the next big step in your businesses’ journey. 

Plans start at $80 a month, fill out and submit the form below to get a live quote.