Full-Time Private Offices - Prices vary by market and size of space

With all traditional business services (phone, internet, copies, prints, faxes, and scans) included, our superlative, dedicated, and fully furnished office spaces come with:

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Part-Time Private Offices - Starting at $243 a month

Are you looking for a private office but need something with more flexible terms to match your unpredictable schedule? Our part-time private offices provide you with:

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Private Day Office Rentals - Starting at $35 an hour

Reserve a fully furnished, private office at any Carr Workplaces location. Available during business hours. You can expect:

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Are you and your team looking for a place to work full-time, temporarily, or even just for the day? If so, our wide variety of serviced office space plans will have you covered. We bring years of experience to the table, offering you top-of-the-line, private, and shared serviced offices at each of our prestigious locations across the United States. Our serviced office spaces, in gorgeous Class A Buildings, are strategically designed to evoke productivity – regardless of your work style. Do you find yourself motivated by working amongst other hard-working professionals? You’ll find this atmosphere at each of our nationwide locations where other businesses and working professionals are constantly creating and innovating. On the contrary, are you looking for something more private – that differs from a shared space environment – to remain focused? For members who desire this, such as lawyers and executives, we offer bookable private office and executive suites. Reserve your space now to see at a Carr Workplaces location near you.

See Our Offices in: 

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Healthy Office Bundles - Now Available for Full-Time Private Offices

Carefully curated bundles of products centered around cleanliness and peace of mind.