A Prestigious Virtual Office Address in Boston, Massachusetts

Financial District
Ten Post Office Square
Suite 800 South
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 692-2900

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Work From Home

As the boundaries of how we work are continually changing, so are we. Our ‘work from home’ plan features a variety of services, that can all be accessed and utilized from your desk at home. The ‘work from home’ plan includes:

  • Use of a prestigious virtual business address
  • Use of a business phone number with call answering
  • A complimentary audio bridge
  • Access to virtual IT support


Virtual Business Address

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a growing and expanding business or a self-employed professional, a virtual business address at one of our nationwide locations can replace your outdated PO box and provide you with:

  • Use of a prestigious virtual business address
  • State-of-the-art mail management
  • On-site administrative support services
  • Member rates on all Carr Workplaces products and services


How Does a Virtual Business Address Work?

Business Phone Service

Do you find yourself dividing your attention away from important deadline-driven work because of the constant distraction of your ringing phone? If so, our business phone service provides you with a private business telephone number that includes:

  • Professional call handing services that included live transfer, automated voicemail to email transcription, and call screening
  • Access to virtual IT support
  • Digital voicemail mailbox with 24/7 remote access
  • Member rates on all Carr Workplaces products and services



Reserve a fully furnished office, conference room, or meeting room at any Carr Workplaces location nationwide. Benefits include:

  • Use of a prestigious virtual business address
  • State-of-the-art mail management
  • 10, 20, or 40 hours per month in any meeting room or day office
  • A private business telephone number, complete with professional call answering


Virtual Office Complete

Are you interested in multiple facets of our virtual business address plan, our business phone service phone, and our workspace plan? Save 15% and bundle them together with our virtual office complete plan that includes:

  • Use of a prestigious virtual business address
  • State-of-the-art mail management
  • 10, 20, or 40 hours per month in any meeting room or day office
  • A private business telephone number, complete with professional call answering


Why Should You Purchase a Virtual Office in Boston?

For your very own business mailing address, phone number or flexible office space in the historic city, choose our Financial District location as your new Boston virtual office address. Teeming with everyday business, Boston’s Financial District is packed with stately banks, modern condos and striking high-rise offices. With lunch spots, high-end coffee shops and chain eateries left and right – as discussed in our Boston Concierge Guide – working professionals frequent the streets of the Financial District throughout the day. Post-work hours bring swarms of Bostonians to many of the upscale lounges or longstanding Irish pubs for happy hours or company events. Whether you’re looking for flexible office space with many dining options within walking distance of your desk or interested in the prestige our Financial District address offers, purchasing a virtual office plan in Boston is right for you.

How Does a Virtual Business Address Work?

Here are the steps detailing how a virtual business address works:  

  1. Choose any nationwide Carr Workplaces location as your prestigious business address
  2. Have mail delivered to your new business address
  3. Our team of administrative professionals will receive and sort your mail   

Setting up your virtual business address and virtual mailbox is an efficient and professional way to receive your mail. The days of having to use your personal address to send and receive business collateral are over. Additionally, our professional administrative support team will handle all client drop offs for you. Whether you’re expecting a payment or other pertinent documentation, we’ll receive it on your behalf and ensure it gets to you, along with the rest of your mail. 

How Does Mail Forwarding and Mail Handling Work with a Virtual Business Address?

While PO boxes have long-since offered a personal way to manage mail, virtual mailboxes with mail handling and mail forwarding services have become a simple, more professional alternative to receive all business collateral. Mail handling and mail forwarding at our Boston location gives you a secure and noteworthy business address to receive mail and packages, right in the heart of Financial District. If you want to learn more about how a virtual business address and a virtual mailbox work, head to our blog to read a comprehensive virtual mailbox guide.

You’ll also have a couple different options to receive your mail. With our plan, you can receive mail via: 

  • In-Person Pick-Up: Swing by your home Carr Workplaces center to get your mail directly 
  • Mail Scanning: If you want a Boston mailing address but don’t live in the area, our team members can scan it and virtually send it your way 
  • Mail Forwarding: Have mail sent to Boston and shipped directly from our team to you 
  • Direct Deposit: Have the Carr Workplaces team deposit checks directly to your account 

No matter your preference, our professionally trained administrative team members will receive your mail, sort it, and then ensure that it ends up in the correct hands – whether it be you or to one of your clients.

How Does a Business Phone Service Plan Work?

Like a virtual business address – but unique in its own right – business phone service with Carr Workplaces gives your growing and expanding business its own private telephone number that comes with professional call answering by smiling Team Members at our Boston location.  

Our Team Members provide personalized call handling services that include: 

  • Live transferring of phone calls to your cell phone, home office, or in-house voicemail 
  • A digital mailbox with 24/7 remote access 
  • Automated voicemail to email transcription 
  • Call forwarding, and with live call screening by our Team Members – available for an additional fee.   

Business phone service with Carr Workplaces also provides you with softphone access for telephone computing via desktop or your mobile device, access to high-quality printing services at your Carr Workplaces location, access to virtual IT support, and the option to purchase an audio bridge for all your conferencing needs. 

What Size Conference and Meeting Rooms Are Available?

Each Carr Workplaces location has multiple meeting and conference rooms of various sizes. This means that you can rent a large or small conference room, depending on the number of people that will be in attendance.

Need your whole team involved? Our largest conference room has seating for everyone. Only need a few seats for a more private meeting? One of our smaller meeting rooms will suit you perfectly.

Need more specific details? Give our Financial District administrative team a call at (617) 539-7369 a call for more information on meeting room dimensions and seating.

What Other Amenities Can I Expect With a Meeting Room Rental?

We also provide complimentary stationary, pens, whiteboards and flip charts as well as gourmet coffee, tea and filtered water for refreshments. For larger meetings – or even luncheons – full-service catering, A/V equipment rental, presentation support and audio/web/video conferencing are all available to add into your meeting room rental.  

Book now to see meeting room availability at any of our Carr Workplaces locationsAre you on your mobile device? You can book a meeting or conference room from the palm of your hand, by becoming WorkReady PLUS member. If you have any additional questions about a meeting or conference room rental with Carr Workplaces, head to our chat function in the bottom right corner to learn more and unlock money-saving member rates. 

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