Café Workspace

Take a seat in our Café and get down to business.

Take a seat in our Café and get down to business.

No Term Commitment Ever


WorkAccess lets you work from any of our locations, each a professional, collaborative work environment. Choose our Touchdown Plan if you want to drop in and use an open seat. Choose our Desk Plan to gain all-day, every-day access to a workstation. There’s no term commitment or startup cost.

Join Our Community and Work How You Want.

The Most Flexible Way To Work.

We get it. That’s why there’s no commitment necessary with our month-to-month terms. To us, flexibility encourages ability.

WorkAccess: The Touchdown Plan

$35 / mo

WorkAccess Touchdown gives your business the flexibility it needs to thrive. Grab an unreserved seat in any of our participating locations for up to three hours a day during business hours. We have great business support services available when you need them.

Choose Touchdown

WorkAccess: The Desk Plan


When you choose WorkAccess Desk, you get full-day, unlimited access to any of our participating locations during business hours. Drop in when you need to work or reserve a desk (up to 24 hours in advance).

Choose Desk

Prefer an all-inclusive private office? Browse our options.

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Exterior private office space at Farragut North with views of Connecticut Avenue

WorkReady FAQ

Getting situated

How do I touchdown at a WorkCenter?

  1. Download the WorkAccess app.
  2. Show up at any of our locations and present your app at the service desk. This verifies you’re in good standing and checks you in. Please have a valid photo ID with you and a credit card on hand to pay for any additional services you might want, like conference rooms or administrative support.
  3. Please remember to check out when you leave the center.

Where can I sit?

Upon check in, a center team member will direct you to the open seats you may use—typically in the community cafes, but you may also have access to other seating areas depending on a center’s layout.

WorkAccess Desk members will be directed to the desk they have reserved, or to any open desk if they did not make a reservation. 

What does the WorkAccess app do and why do I need it?

This acts as your digital ID card when checking into our WorkCenters. It tells the service desk who you are and what type of account you have. It also allows you post your status—choose available, busy, or invisible—on the Community Wallboard*. The app also has the WiFi login credentials for the center you’re at.

*Community Wallboard available at select locations

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, however, you will need to book a desk, day office or meeting room for you and your guest.


Why can I only book a desk 24 hours in advance?

The desk booker provides WorkAccess Desk members the peace of mind to check availability and guarantee a desk before arriving at one of our WorkCenters. The desk booker is only available 24 hours in advance to ensure all members have the opportunity to reserve an open desk.

If you want to guarantee a desk for more than a day at a time, talk to the team at your center about upgrading to our one of our dedicated desks.

Business support

What is included in WorkAccess?

Help yourself to freshly brewed coffee, tea selections, filtered water, and freshly baked cookies (usually available on a specific day at each center). Connect to WiFi, get exclusive member rates on business services like copiers, printers, administrative services and meeting rooms.

How do I connect to the WiFi?

If you’re using the WorkAccess app, it provides WiFi login credentials when checking in. If you’re not using the app, your center team will provide you with instructions.

What if I need additional services while at a center, such as photocopying or printing?

By asking the service desk, you can access any center services, like booking meeting rooms and day office, getting administrative support, copying, faxes, printing and scanning.

You will need a credit card. The minimum credit card transaction is $10. If you use services that equate to less than $10, the remaining amount will be credited to your account and can be used towards future services at any WorkCenter. If there is any credit remaining at the end of the month, it will be applied to your monthly recurring WorkAccess fee.

What if I need catering?

When you book a meeting room online, you can also order lunch options and beverages. These options are listed on the meeting room booker when booking.

If you need additional catering options, please email the WorkCenter team where you reserved your meeting. We have a number of local restaurants that offer catering services for our locations.

What if I want to book a place to work that’s more private?

You can book desks, private offices, or meeting rooms at discounted member rates at the WorkCenter service desk or through member account. When you login, click on book a desk or book a meeting room, and follow the simple steps. You can pay online to confirm your reservation.

Why can I only use the center during business hours?

Each center has unique security protocols that go into effect outside of business hours. As a WorkAccess member, you can touchdown to any of our locations using your keys and access cards. However, after-hours access is not possible at this time. If you find yourself needing after hours, talk to the team at the WorkCenter location you’re using about upgrading to a dedicated desk, office, or suite, which could include 24/7 access.


What if I want to cancel or change a workspace I booked and paid for?

When you log in to your member account, click on the My Meetings tab and click View Meetings. Select which meeting you need to cancel or change and then make a new selection if necessary.

An internal email will be sent to the Carr Workplaces team and they will make the appropriate change and notify you when it’s completed. If your cancellation notice is given within the required notice period, we will refund your credit card for amounts over $35, or credit your account for lesser amounts.

How do I cancel my WorkAccess Plan?

We hope that you won’t, but if you need to, simply send an email to [email protected] notifying us of your intent to cancel. We require one full calendar month’s notice, so that the agreement ends on the last day of the month. If you’re unsatisfied with your WorkAccess plan, please let us know why. We are always looking to improve our products, and we may be able to suggest a different plan that may better suit your needs. 


What is a Community Wallboard?

A Community Wallboard is a screen that displays a photo, name, company, and status update for each member that checked in. Those who are “Available” or “Busy” will appear on the Community Wallboard. Those who are “Invisible” will not appear.

What happens if I don’t check out the Community Wallboard?

If you forget to check out, your account may show you’ve used more WorkAccess hours than you have actually used. Don’t worry. Just call the WorkCenter where you forgot to check out and they can adjust your account.