Office Space Search

There’s a right place for everything. Let’s find yours.

Have you outgrown your shared office space? Need help finding a private office space to rent? Let us help you find your next commercial real estate office property.

Space Search Services Include...

  • Finding the right office space
  • Lease negotiations
  • Temporary office placement

Carr Workplaces services are exceptional. The customer service is great; one is able to contact them at any time and they have always accommodated our needs.


Even though my office only consists of one other person and myself, being in a shared work environment really kicks up the social aspect of the work day. The people that move in are always a nice addition to the floor and pretty much everyone walks around with a smile on their face. Thanks to the Carr team, I am able to get through my work day as painless as possible. Bravo!

Laura Albert
Colbeck Capital

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