Partner Highlight: Her Corner

It’s no secret that Carr Workplaces has some pretty awesome clients. One of those clients is, Frédérique Irwin, the Founder and CEO of Her CornerHer Corner is a global community of women business owners committed to helping women grow their businesses. Carr Workplaces has been providing coworking space, meeting rooms and event space for the group of women entrepreneurs for two years now. Recently we spoke to Frédérique about her business, working out of Carr Workplaces, and what she has planned for 2018. 

Carr Workplaces: Can you give us a little background on HerCorner?  

Frédérique: Her Corner is a for-profit education company that teaches women business owners how to scale their businesses. We work with businesses that are at least 1 year into their business and offer in-person, peer group education programs that look and feel very much like a mini-MBA program. Participants see an average of 46% growth in their top line revenue 1 year after starting a Her Corner Accelerator program. We run Accelerator programs in the DC area, in Baltimore, and in Philadelphia, PA.

Carr Workplaces: How has coworking at Carr Workplaces helped you and your business?

Frédérique: Her Corner has held Accelerator meeting, speaker events, and networking events at Carr Workplaces for almost 3 years. The staff has always been incredibly helpful, genuinely happy to see us, and very engaging and friendly – almost like a hotel concierge would be.

The offices are beautiful, professional, and private – so our members feel that they can share private business information without fear of others overhearing them speak through thin walls.

Finally, the Carr Workplaces we have used have always been centrally located to a metro or easy parking options, something that matters a lot in the DC area!

Carr Workplaces: What are your 2018 goals for Her Corner?

Frédérique: In 2017, we demonstrated that our programming could expand and thrive in cities where Her Corner had never operated before – for example in Philadelphia. So in 2018, we are looking to continue expanding the Her Corner brand, starting with Baltimore, MD in January, and then Missoula, MT in April. In addition we are looking to expand the programming by offering all members (nearly 1000 of them,) access to our new digital publication called “The Bottom Line” which will provide them with templates and worksheets to help them grow their businesses, no matter where they are. We can’t wait to see where they year will take us!  


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