We Love Landlords

Carr Workplaces is fast becoming a partner of choice for building owners and landlords throughout the United States. In teaming up with landlords, we build out, wire and manage flexible office spaces and building amenities that draw quality tenants resulting in high occupancy rates and generous partnership deals. 


Carr Workplaces is the perfect fit for THE BLOC. They completely transformed the tenth floor creating a coworking space that feels both sophisticated and welcoming.”— Jeffrey Kanne, President and CEO of National Real Estate Advisors, who partnered with Carr Workplaces to create a coworking center at THE BLOC in Downtown Los Angeles.


Owners & landlords have unique needs in today’s shifting environment.

Here’s how Carr Workplaces powers your building:



Today’s workforce is evolving


By 2030, 40% of the workforce will be freelancers.


Workplace engagement leads to 21% higher productivity and 22% higher profitability


Tenants are looking for their office space to attract and retain their team and increase employee productivity.


By 2030 buildings need to dedicate 30% of their space to amenities & flexible working environments.


Why Carr Workplaces?

Our value proposition is simple: we leverage technology and operations platforms developed through decades of serving clients to drive value to your assets. Our team is here to help attract, retain and service and nimbler and exponentially growing segment of the CRE industry.


Case Study: THE BLOC


In 2019 CarrWorkplaces partnered with National Real Estate Advisors (NREA) to develop 24,000 sq ft of coworking/café/ private office space in Downtown Los Angeles at THE BLOC 


The 10year term agreement was for a $4M build out of which Carr Workplaces gave 5% to the overall project. The resulting structured managed deal is REIT-compliant and greatly benefits the owner: there’s a split on revenue so NREA gets back what they put in plus interest. What’s left over is shared 50/50. 

Carr Workplaces at THE BLOC