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Our goal is to provide the best environment for your business.

The industry is changing. Working well today means keeping up with it all. You need mobility, portability, connectivity. But most importantly: flexibility. We have it.

Meet the team

Oliver T. Carr


Vision comes from the heart. Oliver’s motivation for creating Carr Workplaces was an extension of his love and support for businesses. After decades of experience in commercial real estate and development, he sees our workplaces as a truly modern solution for today’s workforce.

  • Photo Of VP Phil Carr - Carr Workplaces

    Phil Carr

    Senior VP, Development

    Phil brings over 46 years of experience in commercial and real estate development, construction, leasing and management. As the lead in Carr Workplaces’ development group, he’s responsible for identifying opportunities for U.S. expansion and for all design, construction and development activities.

  • Ashley Buckner

    Senior VP, Sales & Operations

    As a long-term Carr Workplaces employee, starting with the company shortly after the seventh location was opened, Ashley believes the key to a successful center is the team members. As long as you’re engaged, happy and constantly learning everything flourishes.

  • Michele Penaranda

    Director, Program Management
  • Emilia Edson

    Director of Human Resources
  • Photo Of Annie Rinker VP, Services And Operations - Carr Workplaces

    Annie Rinker

    VP, Services & Operations

    Annie is passionate about providing new and innovative ways to work for our members and watching them grow and their company thrive. She is famous for crazy ideas and outside of the box thinking, as well as a serious, no-messing-around approach to customer service. She adores travel, cooking and all things outdoors, especially when she can combine all three activities.

  • Photo Of Keith Varner - Carr Workplaces

    Keith Varner


    Though he concentrated on Accounting systems for 20 years as a consultant, when the opportunity presented itself Keith couldn’t resist joining a dynamic and visionary company like Carr Workplaces. Since then he has discovered the joys of chasing debits and credits each month. In his spare time he enjoys reading, yardwork, and avoiding electronic devices.

  • Rob Trainor

    Director of IT

    He is a senior network engineer (CCNA certified) with high level experience in Network Management, Cisco Voice and MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). Rob served in the Army reserves as an E4 specialist in PC device repair (35 Juliet) from 1993 to 2001.

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  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Books & Supplies
  • Scholarships
  • Teacher Recognition
  • Building Refubishment

Rising Stars Charity

Education is everything. It motivates us, molds us and helps us all succeed. But sometimes accessing the proper resources is a challenge for American kids—and teachers, too. Oliver T. Carr and Carr Workplaces founded Rising Stars in 2012 to help at-risk children succeed in their education. By partnering with charities across the nation, and by promoting the charity in our very own WorkReady community, we’re able to provide mentoring, tutoring, books and supplies, building refurbishment, teacher recognition and scholarships.