What’s a Drop-In Desk? Who Benefits from Using One?

As the General Manager of Carr Workplaces Dupont a question I get a lot is, “What exactly is a drop-in desk and who can benefit from using one?” I’ve seen business professionals, creatives, freelancers and road warriors alike thrive in the community of entrepreneurs using drop-in desks so I thought I’d share a little more on what makes them so great.

Drop-in desks are on-demand cost value workspaces. Reserving drop-in guarantees you space in community-centric coworking environments. They offer productive and inspiring atmospheres with the convenience of reserving space only when you need it. The work areas are quiet, allowing the user to get work done without distraction. Drop-in desks are great options for emerging business owners because the commitment terms are minimal and flex as your needs change.

At Carr Workplaces drop-in users have access to:

  • Secure high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Generous work surfaces
  • Unlimited free beverages without the coffee shop chaos
  • Access to printing
  • Professional support
  • Meeting rooms



If you are a professional looking to escape the isolation of your home office, come drop-in with us. Click here to view availability at our Carr Workplaces locations across the country.


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