Like to Get to Know You: Miye Wire of MiyeWire, LLC

Carr Workplaces is honored to elevate the personal and professional stories of our group of diverse entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solo practitioners who call our spaces their own.

This month, we are helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MiyeWire, LLC, a female-owned financial planning and wealth management firm that operates out of our Reston Town Center location.

We talked to founder Miye about how to stand out in a crowded field in order to sustain and survive three decades in business; the technology that allows her company to successfully reach, connect with, and engage their audience; and the foresight it takes to plan for an unforeseeable future. 

Q: Who do you serve and/or what problem do you solve? 

Miye: We serve individuals and families by helping them make smart decisions with their money and simplify their financial lives. 

Q: How do you stand out in your field?

Miye: We are very good at helping people do the things they need to do in order to accomplish the things they want in life.

Q: What project are you working on that has you the most excited? 

Miye: My succession plan!

Q: How do you stay creative?

Miye: My team is awesome, and we all help each other in that regard.

Q: What is the one item that helps make your day more productive? 

Miye: RedTail, our CRM.

Scenic Reston Town Center areaQ: What do you love most about working in your location? 

Miye: Being able to look out the window and see Reston Town Center, especially when it is lit up for the holidays!

Q: What book are you reading or podcast are you listening to? 

Miye: I am reading Crying in H-Mart by Michelle Zauner.

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