Five Types of People in Fort Wayne, Indiana Who Can Benefit From Coworking Spaces

Contributed by Lauren Caggiano of Write On, LLC based in Fort Wayne, IN

Coworking has caught on in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it’s easy to see why.

This type of setup offers a host of benefits and many employees, solopreneurs, and other workers have sought out a dedicated workspace in the last few years, largely escalated by the pandemic.

That being said, if you haven’t jumped onto the coworking bandwagon, there’s still plenty of space for you. Here’s a look at a few types of working professionals who’d benefit from a membership at a coworking facility:

1. Startup Founders

Fort Wayne is and has long been a hotbed of innovation. For instance, Jenney Electric of Fort Wayne brought about the country’s first municipal lighting system so, yes, thinking big is still very much a value embraced here in the Heartland.

If you have a concept, an innovation, or are part of a team of people who’ve birthed one, a coworking space can provide a venue and backdrop for collaboration, brainstorming, and execution. Although Bill Gates reportedly started in his garage, we bet he likely wished he had had a dedicated basecamp.

2. Parkview Health and Lutheran Health Network Employees

Parkview Health is one of the region’s top employers and the healthcare system relies on more than clinicians to execute its mission. For instance, they employ remote financial analysts and coding specialists. Joining a coworking space is a great way to meet people outside of your field and enjoy a change of scenery at the same time.

3. Educators

Fort Wayne is home to several public school districts as well as a host of higher educational institutions, including Purdue University Fort Wayne, the University of Saint Francis, Ivy Tech Community College, and Indiana Tech. 

Educators are the lifeblood of these places and they aren’t always required to work on site. Whether it’s for an eLearning day or to prepare lesson plans in the summer ahead of the school year, teachers might find utility in a coworking space.

They can find a quiet place to teach or collaborate online with other educators. The same can be said of college professors and adjunct instructors who sometimes need an alternative to their home office or on-campus facilities.

4. Students

Just as teachers need a physical outlet at times, students might find a coworking space helpful in achieving their goals. Conference rooms are great for video conferences, lectures, and collaboration in real-time and online.


5. Creatives

Both Purdue Fort Wayne and the University of Saint Francis have art schools that have produced many talented artists of all stripes. Many graduates have stayed in the area and continue to invest in the cultural landscape.

Some work for ad agencies, such as the popular Asher Agency, while others blaze their own trail. Either way, a coworking space offers a rich experience that can break up the monotony of the workday.

Fort Wayne has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and the number of coworking spaces in the area only adds to its charm. Isn’t it time you experienced what coworking is about? Book a tour today.

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“Fort Wayne-based writer Lauren Caggiano is a 2007 graduate of the University of Dayton. Caggiano holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and French. Caggiano has worked in journalism, public relations and marketing over her 15-year career. She writes for several local, regional and national publications — and the list is growing. Speaking of growth, Caggiano enjoys the challenges that come from researching and bringing stories to life across a variety of platforms. On a personal note, Caggiano is a recent breast cancer survivor and enjoys fitness, thrift shopping and volunteering in her free time.”

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