Building Community: How Coworking Spaces at Carr Workplaces Are More Than Just a Place To Work

According to a recent survey published in the Harvard Business Review, most professionals prefer working from a coworking space rather than working from home or in an company office exclusively.

At first read, you may ask, why is that?

Working out of a coworking space has proven to be more socially fulfilling. As one survey-responder noted, “There’s value in the diversity of experience there. You meet people that you’d otherwise be unable to at a standard office.”

Coworking spaces, such as those offered by Carr Workplaces, provide professionals with more than a physical space to work in. Carr Workplaces offers the opportunity to forge new personal connections and join a broader business community, which ultimately reduces loneliness and increases one’s sense of well-being.

At Carr Workplaces, we provide you with multiple avenues for professional business networking, more informal networking, and socializing that can make you feel connected to the community in which you work as well as to your local business community.

This sense of belonging to a larger community positively impacts everything from your ability to think creatively and be productive to your mood, outlook, and physical health.

Carr Workplaces’ People: Friendly, Smiling, and There for Your Business

A growing body of academic research in the field of organizational psychology finds that a positive, engaging working environment is hugely beneficial. A positive workplace is shown to increase productivity, motivation, and innovative thinking.

When you arrive at a Carr Workplaces location, your first point of contact is always a member of our team, who welcomes you, your team members, clients, and business partners.

Our on-site is there for you, creating an inviting environment for you and your guests. Carr Workplaces’ team members are kind, friendly, and there when you just want to socialize, take a much-needed break from your work, or have a quick chat over coffee about last night’s game or anything else under the sun.

The positivity, and support of our team fosters an environment that encourages personal connection and relationship-building, creating the perfect setting for you to build or grow your business.

A welcoming and positive workplace also reduces stress, which is equally important. According to the American Psychological Association, the U.S. economy loses more than $500 billion in revenue due to workplace stress.

Our team is there to provide logistical support when you require help during a presentation or copies made. Additionally, our team can help you organize your next company gathering, plan your next meeting, and arrange an in-office networking event.

Join a Coworking Community of Like-Minded Professionals

At Carr Workplaces, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to interact with the other professionals working out of our private offices, team spaces, and coworking spaces in a more organic, casual way. In fact, our clients often rave about the connections they forge with fellow professionals working out of various Carr Workplaces locations.

You may find rich referral sources, the specific type of consultant you need for your business, or even prospective customers just by chatting with your office mates at Carr Workplaces over coffee or or at one of the many networking events each location hosts. Interacting with your Carr Workplaces office mates may even give you inspiration for a new idea or product, as well.

The social aspect of our coworking spaces is equally important so if you’ve been working solo in an office at home or in a traditional office space and are looking for a more interactive, social environment, Carr Workplaces is the place to be.

Working out of a Carr Workplaces location can reduce feelings of isolation and connect you with the broader business community, empowering you to do your best work.

Networking Events To Connect With the Larger Carr Workplaces Coworking Community

The power of professional networking often is underestimated even though research indicates that business networking correlates with a higher number of business opportunities, greater capacity to innovate, quicker advancement, and higher authority and status.

In addition to encouraging informal interactions with our in-house support teams and your fellow coworkers, Carr Workplaces locations host monthly and often weekly networking events.

These networking events allow you to tap into the gold mine that is the larger Carr Workplaces community. Our networking events are the perfect place to nail down your pitch, broaden your referral network, meet like-minded professionals, find that consultant that your client needs, or just socialize when you need a break from solo or highly detailed work.

Feeling a bit uninspired? Head to a Carr Workplaces networking event to get to know the folks working around you and to get those creative juices flowing. Talking to a colleague at one of our networking events can get you out of your creative funk and reinvigorate you to tackle your next project or business goal.

Carr Workplaces’ networking events also introduce you to the larger business community in your region. We love showcasing local businesses at our networking events.

For example, we may bring in a local catering company or mixologist to one of our networking events with whom you end up chatting. This individual or company may introduce you to a prospective client or even become a friend that you socialize with outside of work.

Let’s hear it for the power of connection and community!

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