Why Commercial Real Estate Brokers Prefer Carr Workplaces

As a commercial real estate broker, you recognize that traditional office space rentals often don’t meet the exact needs of your clients.

Instead of a long-term traditional lease, today’s market is demanding flexibility, forcing your clients to seek shorter term, all-inclusive private offices, team spaces, or even à la carte access to coworking offerings that can be scaled up or down.

If you’re a commercial real estate broker, your clients are likely to prefer Carr Workplaces over traditional office space because of our nationwide network of locations, scalable private office and coworking space options, and all-inclusive lease terms.

Real estate brokers also choose Carr Workplaces for their clients because of our generous referral program, higher overall broker commissions, and quick, efficient payments.

Read on to discover why real estate brokers prefer Carr Workplaces for their clients and their businesses.

Elegant Private Offices for Focused Work and Confidential Meetings

Carr Workplaces’ private offices are ideal for your clients who require quiet, dedicated space for their team members for focused work, confidential meetings with clients, and privacy to meet with employees. Private offices include your own four walls, a lockable door, on-site security, and 24/7 office access for your clients.

We offer multiple private office options in a variety of sizes and layouts that include elegant, modern furnishings, which means your clients won’t have the additional expense of purchasing furniture when they move into their offices.

Your clients can choose from a plethora of private office options, including our Full-Time Private Offices, Part-Time Private Offices, Private Day Offices, and Flex Offices.

Efficient Process, Quick Communication

Real estate brokers prefer Carr Workplaces because our team is easy and efficient to work with. As a commercial real estate broker, your time is valuable, which is why we’ve made our process for getting specs about our private offices and coworking spaces as pain-free and efficient as possible for busy brokers like you.

Carr Workplaces’ broker relations team responds quickly to inquiries from real estate brokers like you and will help you identify which type of private offices or coworking space options would work best for your clients.

Do your clients also need on-demand access to team spaces, event spaces, and meeting and conference rooms?

All of our locations include these on-site options, as well, which means your clients won’t have to go far to find and reserve space for meetings, brainstorming sessions, reviews, events, conferences, depositions, and other activities.

Carr Workplaces’ broker relations team can advise you on which spaces at our of our nationwide locations will work best for your clients’ special events and team meetings, too.

Whatever you might need as a commercial real estate broker, our broker relations team is there to help you get the information you and your clients need as quickly as possible.

Flexible, All-Inclusive Lease Terms

“A lot of companies are downsizing their physical workspaces right now and are looking for greater flexibility in their office space lease terms,” says Caroline Cobb Scott, Carr Workplaces’ Broker Relations Manager. “In this post-pandemic world, most companies aren’t looking to commit to a one year or multi-year commercial real estate lease.”

Carr Workplaces’ private offices, coworking spaces, event space, team spaces, and meeting and conference rooms can be rented by the month, day, or hour to give your clients the highest levels of flexibility.

When your clients’ find they require more space, they can add additional space without making a long-term commitment or financial investment.

Carr Workplaces’ private offices and coworking spaces include phone and internet services and access to on-site scanners, printers, and our friendly team. Our support team can answer your clients’ phone calls, greet your clients’ guests, print documents and make copies, scan documents, and assist with presentation setup and support.

#1 Reason Real Estate Brokers Prefer Carr Workplaces: Higher Commissions, Faster Payments

When you work with Carr Workplaces, you can expect higher overall commissions, too. If you refer your clients to Carr Workplaces, you’ll receive the standard 10%

broker commission on fixed or virtual offices plus a $250 cash bonus that increases each time you make a subsequent referral.

For leases of 12 months or more, you may opt to receive a lump sum commission of 4% upfront. When one of your clients renews with Carr Workplaces or expands their space, you’ll also receive a 2% commission.

Another reason why commercial real estate brokers prefer Carr Workplaces is our quick turnaround on payments. Once you submit a referral to Carr Workplaces, you’ll receive payment within 48 hours or less.

Nationwide Options

Carr Workplaces has locations situated in popular metro and suburban areas across the nation, including in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Orange County, and several other locales.

Each Carr Workplaces location is centrally located and often near high-end restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and hotels to ensure your clients have everything they might need within walking distance.

Each Carr Workplaces location also includes a prestigious, upscale business address which will impress clients and colleagues alike – and as a plus, you won’t have to use your home address to send and receive business collateral anymore.

Imagine that you have a law practice as a client in search of private offices or team space in multiple locations across the country. In this scenario, you could spec out the cost for multiple locations for your client in a single conversation with our broker relations team.

Better yet, your client could lease workspaces at multiple locations in multiple markets with a single contract with Carr Workplaces for added convenience.

To learn more about why Carr Workplaces is the ideal fit for your commercial real estate clients or to schedule a tour of a Carr Workplaces location, contact our Broker Relations Manager Caroline Cobb Scott at (202) 489-0887 or [email protected].

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