Center Spotlight: Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing Center in Carmel, Indiana

In our Center Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to each of our Carr Workplaces locations. While all of our coworking centers include rich on-site amenities, fully furnished flexible workspaces to meet your every need, and impressive meeting and conference rooms, each location has its own unique personality and notable offerings.

This Center Spotlight is dedicated to Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing in Indianapolis.

Our Parkwood Crossing location combines the best of what urban and suburban areas have to offer: modern, updated workspaces in a central area within a short drive to high-end dining, hospitality, entertainment, and shopping.

Located on the north side of Indianapolis and adjacent to the affluent suburban community of Carmel, Indiana, our Parkwood Crossing coworking center includes more than 23,000 square feet of modern, upscale workspaces.

Our Parkwood Crossing location just opened a year ago and features 85 fully-furnished, brand new private offices and three state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms conveniently located on-site.

“People very much enjoy the aesthetic of our Parkwood Crossing center,” said Jason Parks, General Manager of our Parkwood Crossing location. “Almost daily, people come through the center and comment on how beautiful and new the space is.”

Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing also includes oodles of coworking options such as Touchdown and Dedicated Desks plus a vibrant social hub with soft seating and high-speed WiFi.

With easy access to downtown Indianapolis via nearby I-495, U.S. Route 32, and 96th street, our Parkwood Crossing coworking center is ultra-easy to get to for employees and clients alike.

When you become a client at Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing, you’ll join a thriving business community that can become a rich resource for referrals and networking opportunities as well.

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Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing: Upscale, Private Offices Ideal for Wealth Management Firms, Attorneys, Alternative Energy Companies, and Other Small Businesses 

The most popular offering at our Parkwood Crossing location is our private offices. Sole proprietors, law firms, financial advisors, consultants, solar energy companies, and other types of small businesses appreciate our private offices for the privacy they afford, especially for confidential meetings with clients and for work that requires minimal distractions.

“Our private offices are by far the most popular option at Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing,” said Parks. “I would say that 90% of the tours we do here are for professionals looking for that full office experience.”

One of the primary reasons our private offices are so popular is that they include on-site support from our community management team. Private offices also are fully furnished and include access to on-site printers and scanners, and a community café with free gourmet coffee and tea.

Private offices at our Parkwood Crossing location also include access to on-site parking and a fitness center located within the building. The all-inclusive nature of our private office leases help small businesses like yours keep your operating expenses as low as possible with no surprise charges.

In addition, private offices at the Parkwood Crossing coworking center feature four walls and a lockable door. Our private offices may be customized and configured according to your specific needs and may be leased by the day, week, month, or for a longer term.

This flexibility allows your growing businesses to scale physical office space as your book of business expands without entering into a multi-year lease agreement as you would with traditional office space.

On-Site Meeting and Conference Rooms

“Our meeting and conference rooms also are extremely popular with our clients,” said Parks. “All of our clients use our meetings rooms nearly every day. We’re a new center so our aesthetic is modern and clean and I think that our clients enjoy bringing their guests into our professional meeting rooms because they’re impressive. It gives the small businesses working from our center a polished appearance.”

There are three different meeting and conference rooms available at Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing. All meeting and conference rooms include high-speed WiFi, built-in televisions, and conference phones.

The meeting and conference rooms at our Parkwood Crossing location can accommodate up to 16 guests. According to Parks, the most popular meeting space is the Eagle Creek Meeting Room, which can accommodate up to 10 guests.

“Eagle Creek faces a green belt with fountains, a pond, walking trails, and a green space,” Parks shared. “It’s our most used meeting room because we also have screen beam technology where you can conduct video conferencing calls on a large screen TV that picks up all of the beautiful background scenery.”

The meeting and conference rooms available at Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing are popular not only with clients working from the center but also with local businesses.

Meeting and conference rooms at Parkwood Crossing have been utilized for quarterly meetings, financial reviews, annual meetings, and other activities.

When you book meeting and conference rooms at Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing, you’ll also enjoy support from our on-site community management team.

All-Inclusive Workspaces With No Hidden Fees

“Our approach is one of the main reasons that professionals choose Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing,” Parks shared. “We’re very much an all-inclusive setup, whereas some of our competitors charge a fee if you want a cup of coffee or need to print a document.”

As a client at our Parkwood Crossing location, on-site amenities and services are included when you lease private offices, coworking spaces, and/or meeting and conference rooms.

You’ll enjoy fully-furnished and fully-equipped workspaces, unlimited gourmet coffee and tea from our community café, and on-site parking and electric car chargers. There’s also a new, on-site fitness center at our Parkwood Crossing center that includes a yoga studio, cardo studio, and weight training area.

Support from our on-site community management team is included, as well, at no additional cost. Our community management team can scan, copy, and print documents for you and your team.

Additionally, our on-site team can greet your guests and walk them to your offices and provide any other type of administrative support you and your team might require.

Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing also features a first-floor conference center that can accommodate up to 100 guests. The conference center is ideal for events such as company-wide meetings, product launches, holiday parties, and other larger-scale events.

The conference center is owned by Kittle Properties, the company that manages the building, but is available for booking through Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing’s community management team.

To learn more about Carr Workplaces Parkwood Crossing center, schedule a free tour or reach out to the general manager Jason Parks at (317) 527-0570.

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