Carr Workplaces: Your Source for Community, Collaboration, & Networking

Our network of nationwide locations are built to bring together business professionals from a multitude of industries and backgrounds, which ultimately creates diverse communities within each of our centers.

The communities that are formed in our coworking centers are built on the foundations of collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and the potential to make connections that might not otherwise be made if working in a traditional office setting or from home.

Carr Workplaces’ coworking centers cultivate an open and inclusive atmosphere that encourages interaction, making it easy for individuals to approach one another, share ideas, and work together.

In addition to the informal networking and collaboration opportunities that our coworking centers provide, each of our centers also hosts weekly and monthly formal networking events. These formal networking events are a great way to connect with the other professionals working from Carr Workplaces’ centers and with businesses in the local community.

As a client at one of Carr Workplaces nationwide coworking centers, you’ll work in proximity to other professionals and business leaders who are experts in their respective fields.

Maybe you need a legal opinion from an attorney with specialized knowledge or require a contractor with a specific skill set. If so, you certainly won’t need to look far.

You’re likely to find that contractor or expert working adjacent to you at a Carr Workplaces location. If not, it’s likely that one of the other professionals working from one of our centers can recommend a business or professional within their network that might meet your needs.

Read on to discover how and why Carr Workplaces coworking centers can be ripe with opportunities for networking, community-building, collaboration, and more.

Carr Workplaces Coworking Centers: Multiple Networking Opportunities Without Needing To Leave the Building

Networking — whether it’s on an informal basis or whether it takes the form of a structured networking event — can have an outsized impact on your professional success and business outcomes.

According to various sources including the Harvard Business Review, as many as 80% of business deals are the result of personal relationships.  A recent survey by LinkedIn also found that nearly 80% of professionals believe that networking is a key determinant of their professional success, particularly for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As mentioned above, the communities that organically form in each Carr Workplaces location can be fruitful sources for building your professional network.

The informal conversations that occur in our community cafés, coworking spaces, and other common areas with the folks working in our centers can help you broaden and deepen your professional network — and make you feel connected to a larger community.

On a weekly and monthly basis, the community management teams at each Carr Workplaces location also host formal networking events at our centers. From seasonally-themed wine and food tastings to ice cream socials and happy hours, our centers’ networking events are designed to help you expand your professional network.

Our goal for our monthly and weekly networking events is to encourage our clients to talk with one another and utilize each other services. Carr Workplaces networking events are popular because our clients recognize that they can help each other grow their respective businesses.

At Carr Workplaces’ networking events, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet members of the business community from outside the center. Many of our on-site networking events introduce you to new or innovative businesses and services available in the broader geographic area.

Carr Workplaces Centers: Hubs for Collaboration, Relationship-Building, and Idea-Sharing

Carr Workplaces’ coworking centers bring together many types of businesses and professionals from different backgrounds and industries.

Our clients include – but are not limited to – sole proprietors, contractors, freelancers, group firms, consultancy businesses, satellite teams, non-profit organizations, embassies, government contractors, and many other types of small businesses and organizations.

When you or your team work from one of our coworking centers, you’re in the ideal position to find the right collaboration partners when you need them.

Imagine you lead a small wealth management team that works within a private office or team space of a Carr Workplaces location. You take on a new client and find you need to hire a consultant to advise you on the implications of a newly implemented financial regulation.

The good news is that as a Carr Workplaces client, there is a very good chance that the expertise you seek may already be in close proximity to your team.


In pursuit of finding the expertise you need, you speak to the general manager of the Carr Workplaces location from which you work and they tell you that one of the lawyers working from the center might have exactly the background and experience you require.

Instead of searching Google, emailing colleagues, or taking the time to craft a LinkedIn post in search of the right consultant, you find the person your business needs in a matter of minutes working in close physical proximity to your team.

What often starts off as a one-time collaboration may become an on-going, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship that bears fruit for all parties involved. These kinds of referrals and collaborations occur on a routine basis at Carr Workplaces coworking centers.

In our professional careers, all of us at times encounter problems that require exploring new concepts or considering a challenge from a new or different perspective.

When you work from a Carr Workplaces location, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of others’ working from our centers to grow your knowledge base, exchange ideas with other professionals, and consider alternative viewpoints — all of which can be invaluable in building your business.

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