The epitome of the modern-day working professional – self-employed individuals and solopreneurs who continually drive innovation through their own determination and passion to succeed.


With new, revolutionary ideas, these individuals also require a workspace that rivals and compliments their productivity and professionalism. Carr Workplaces provides self-employed professionals and solopreneurs with a wide range of administrative services and IT services to ensure that you can remain focused on your work. Our virtual office plans, which include prestigious business address and phone services, give you an instant presence in whatever market you’re competing in as well as a professional first point of contact for clients looking to contact you. While many self-employed professionals and solopreneurs choose to work in the confines of their households, this can become all too cumbersome with frequent distractions rearing their heads and a non-ergonomic workspace creating unneeded frustration. We can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to find that balance between your work and home life. For the self employed professionals who need quick, easy access to shared space for meetings and events, our conference rooms and community cafés fit the bill. Finally, craft your in-office schedule around your deadlines, around what is viable for you, and around what you feel most productive and comfortable doing.

Perfect for the Self Employed Professional:

  • Our Full-Time
    Private Offices

    Our full-time private offices make for the perfect, new home of your growing business as you expand into new markets

  • Our Virtual Office
    Complete Plan

    Remote work tools coupled with on-demand access to physical workspace will help you work during these changing times

  • Meeting and Conference Rooms

    For those big meetings with your most important clients, our state-of-the-art hourly meeting room rentals fit the bill

A Word From Our Clients:

As a self-employed policy consultant, Carr Workplaces Georgetown is the ideal venue for my business. Located in the heart of Georgetown at The Foundry building, this renovated warehouse along the C&O Canal affords a variety of contemporary workspace. Its historic heritage is preserved throughout with wooden beams, brick walls, and large picturesque windows. For me, it’s an oasis of efficient tranquility in a trendy urban setting. Close to retail establishments, parks and other amenities, The Foundry is a great place to host client meetings and social events.  Relocating here was a great career move.

– Jonathan Moore, Policy/PR Consultant – Carr Workplaces Georgetown

“As an entrepreneur, both my home and work environment are very important to me. My environment affects my attitude and my attitude affects my income. With that said, Carr Workplaces provides not only the essentials needed by every business and industry, but Carr Workplaces also provides an atmosphere conducive for opulence and success. From the knowledgeable and friendly staff to the clean and sanitized facilities, Carr Workplaces is truly a step above!”

– Kyle Von Stearns, Healpay and Stearns Steele – The Willard Offices

Carr Workplaces is proud to support a variety of organizations that empower and provide resources and opportunities to self employed professionals all across the United States.

Organizations We Support:

“What I love about Carr Workplaces is that you can actually get work done. It’s professional and I feel like it’s my own office. I am proud to bring fellow business owners here, to a space that takes it’s self seriously.”
– Frédérique Irwin, Founder & CEO – Her Corner