What’s In A Name? Here’s 12 Tips on How To Choose One For Your Business

Many Carr Workplaces members come on board working part-time on a side hustle or freelance work, starting out as a cafe member or maybe at a part-time desk. It is exhilarating keeping an eye on these members, as their side projects often grow from a few hours of work a week to a full-time business with an array of clients.  With the abrupt transition from side hustle to business, coming up with the right name for work, that prior to now, has solely been a labor of love, can be a challenge. So, whether you’re growing your side gig, or want to start a business, here’s a list of places to look for inspirations and a quick checklist to run through to come up with great ideas for business names:

  • Talk about what you believe in. Once you decide on the vision for your business, make sure that what you are passionate about comes through in the name of your business.  
  • Take a look at a map, let your travels inspire you.
  • What about your name? Or your nickname?
  • Turn to music. Music fuels us during workouts, picks us up when we are sad, and makes our daily commutes more tolerable. Think about some of your favorite songs and lyrics for inspiration.
  • Flip through old photos on your phone or maybe ones you have printed around the house. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, one of those could be the name of your business.
  • Create a mascot or something symbolic to represent your business.
  • Still stuck? Try one of these name generators.
  • Always ensure your proposed names are available in terms of URL domains, Social Media handles and such.

Now! Once you make sure your new name is available, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it short and sweet?
  2. Is it easy to pronounce and spell? This will be important when people are trying to find your business online or recommending you to a friend.
  3. Say it out loud. Does it sound ok spoken?
  4. Did you run the name(s) by a few friends and family members for their feedback? Use your community to get different perceptions and valuable feedback.

Growing your business is an exciting time. You’ll be meeting new connections, learning more about the industry, and most importantly, learning more about yourself. In coming up with the perfect name, you’ll be way ahead on the journey to create a truly successful business!

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