Legal Coworking 101: What Kind of Office Services Are Best for My Legal Practice?

A Closer Look at How an All-in-One Office Provider Can Help Grow Your New Legal Practice

So, you’re newly at the helm of your very own legal practice and are looking for office services to take your firm to the next level – but what’s next?

Look no further than Carr Workplaces Aon Center, an all-in-one office provider that boasts a plethora of efficient office services that will fuel the success of your growing practice.

By Carr Workplaces – July 6, 2021

Scalability is defined as, “the capacity to be changed in size or scale.”

I.E., “The scalability of Carr Workplaces’ various office services presents you with the ability to select a plan that best fits your firms’ s exact requirements and allows your firm to grow.”

So, what services are offered by the number one office provider for legal professionals and how does it fit what I’m looking for?

An all-in-one office provider can help to:

Create a more professional image for your firm.

Virtual offices are ideal for solo legal professionals and smaller firms looking to instantly establish a prestigious, professional presence, especially in Chicago.

Utilize a virtual business address at the iconic Aon Center, where your mail and packages are received by our professionally trained, on-site team. You can even combine your business address with our business phone service, which comes with your very own dedicated business phone number and professional call answering by our team.

Utilizing one of our various virtual office services is an ideal alternative to using your home address and cell phone number to send and receive business collateral.

Conduct client meetings in a professional setting.

Instead of meeting at a noisy, local coffee shop, conduct your client meetings in our private day offices or spacious meeting rooms.These well-appointed meeting spaces come with unrivaled prestige, hospitality, and a fully serviced experience that will impress the best of your clients.

All meeting rooms include complimentary Wi-Fi access, telephone service, and are available to rent by the hour or by the day.

Maximize your billable hours.

It’s easy to get caught up in administrative tasks, especially when you are just starting your practice.  Instead, focus on your billable hours and leave the rest to our professionally trained administrative team.

Whether you need assistance with copying, scanning, and binding documents, preparing a brief, or need a witness and notary to finalize client’s paperwork, our team is available on an as needed basis.

Improve your focus.

An elevator ride to the 51st floor of the Aon Center will take you to your own private office with four walls, a lockable door, and wide corridors. 

Your new fully furnished, private office includes high speed WiFi, phone service with unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling, complimentary conference room hours, unlimited black & white copies, prints, scan and faxes, as well as access to all the amenities in our Community Café. Yes, freshly ground Starbucks coffee is included too.

Working from a private office at Carr Workplaces Aon Center isn’t just the ideal next step for a new law firm, it’s the best next step.

While the possibilities and ways for your new or growing firm to flourish with Carr Workplaces are endless, one thing is for sure – it’s that our service offerings are conducive to firms and practices of all sizes.

No matter your desired setup, request, or need, we’ll be here with you each step of the way.

Additionally, Carr Workplaces is proud to offer you a complimentary week in a private office space at the prestigious Aon Center during regular business hours for the month of August.

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