Virtual Business Address

Starting at $80 a month

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a growing and expanding business or a self-employed professional, a virtual business address at one of our world-class addresses nationwide can replace your outdated PO box and provide you with:

  • Instant enhancement of your businesses image and credibility with a prestigious address at one of our centers in some of the Nation’s most coveted locations
  • Increased privacy – avoid using your personal address when registering, emailing, and sending business collateral
  • State-of-the-art mail management that can include mail forwarding, mail opening and scanning and even check deposits
  • Always on, on-site support services team to support your business
  • Flexible terms to provide you with the desired virtual business address plan to fit your needs
  • Member rates on all Carr Workplaces products and services

What Is a Virtual Business Address?

Akin to its outdated predecessor, the PO box, virtual business addresses (otherwise known as virtual mailboxes) have recently garnered popularity for the prestige, ease-of-access, and tractable methods of management they have to offer. Unlike PO boxes, which exist as uniquely lockable boxes in a post office, virtual business addresses are real, physical street addresses from professional, Class A buildings in some of our nation’s biggest markets and cities.

Why Is a Virtual Business Address Necessary?

While PO boxes have long-since offered a personal way to manage mail, virtual mailboxes are the more professional mail handling service, as a more secure place to receive packages, mail forwarding, mail opening and scanning as well as check deposits. 

With locations in large and growing markets nationwide, a virtual business address with Carr Workplaces can also provide your business with instant prestige. 

Move away from the days of using your personal address as your businesses primary address and boast a virtual business address in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in Midtown New York Cityor even in historic Washington D.C. just steps from The White House and our Nation’s Capital.

Virtual business addresses offer a new sense of safety, security and privacy by giving you the opportunity to avoid using your personal address when registering, emailing and sending business collateral. Using your home address for your business could breach your own privacy, potentially hurt company image or even slow any potential growth. 

Not to mention, it becomes difficult to officially register your business or even apply for a loan by using your home address as your business address. Adopting a virtual business address can allow for more flexibility and can expand your businesses footprint across state lines, by leaps and bounds. 

Even if you’re a growing and expanding small or medium sized business with an existing physical office space, business needs and objectives change. A virtual business address can allow for expansion into new markets and can provide out-of-state customers an address in closer proximity, without having to bear the financial cost of purchasing more office space in another state.

Does the Plan Have Any Additional Benefits?

Users of the virtual business address plan will also receive access to over 150 of our meeting roomsday offices and event spaces across the country, access to all other Carr Workplaces services at member rate, and access to our WorkReady PLUS app.  

The newly launched WorkReady PLUS app allows you to submit requests, communicate with the Carr Workplaces team, make/cancel meeting reservations, view/pay invoices and receive any community updates. 

Join WorkReady PLUS today to receive discounts on brands such as ZipcarKimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and GoToMeeting. Once a WorkReady member, enter in your home Carr Workplaces location to discover other great discounts at various local brands and businesses.

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