WorkReady PLUS

WorkReady PLUS is a professional community with over 7,500 members worldwide. Gain access to workspace across the U.S., a concierge team to help you with all of life’s tasks, big and small plus hand-selected discounts to help your business and life run more efficiently.

  • Access an incredible directory of professionals
  • Promote yourself through your profile
  • Get discounts on business services
  • Reserve workspace nationwide at member rates
  • Find business opportunities
  • Learn about events or host your own to promote your services
  • Crowdsource new business ideas and products

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06:54 AM

Seize the Day

Annie uses the WorkReady PLUS app in bed to join CorePower Yoga to work out, after work, after one last 10-minute snooze.

07:47 AM

Pay on the Go

She remembers it’s the 1st of the month pays her bill on the app, in between stops on her commute into work.

09:05 AM

Fast Reservations

She hears from a prospective client that they want to meet today to sign their agreement, so she books a meeting room on the app.

11:03 AM

Just Add Water

She wants to impress her new client so she orders catering through the app.

01:04 PM

Lights Out?

When she returns to her office she notices one of the lightbulbs is out in her office and request maintenance to come fix it.

02:00 PM

Getaway Car

While they are replacing the bulb she decides to be productive and book a ZipCar and Kimpton hotel room for a getaway this weekend.

05:44 PM

Tap to Help

On her commute home, she gets a new notification that there are still people without power from the recent hurricane, she goes to her WorkReady PLUS app to make a donation.

08:29 PM

One Last Thing

After dinner she lays on the couch and then remembers she needs to find a designer to help her design a logo for her growing business so she searches the Community on the app.