Managed Document Reviews

With years of experience, Carr Workplaces hosts document reviews with ease.

What to Expect:

As we pride ourselves on the provision of flexible office solutions, our services related to hosting a document review run parallel to our commitment of flexibility and hospitality.

  • Overstocked cafe area with necessary provisions such as extra coffee and paper towels
  • Comprehensive space review performed based on team size to meet tech and furniture requirements
  • Dedicated fiber internet connection ready to go, before you arrive to space
  • Flexible week-to-week terms priced per reviewer workstation, to combat unpredictability
  • Team Members provide essential support as in-person point-of-contact
  • 24/7 access provided to Carr Workplaces location for each reviewer
  • Vast prior experience hosting document reviews of various size
How do we prepare for a document review?

With prior experience hosting managed document reviews in all of our office spaces nationwide (including top markets like DC, Maryland, and NYC), we will be prepared for your team of any size – whether it be 3 reviewers or 100 reviewers. Before each team of document reviewers arrive, we make sure to overstock our cafe areas with the necessary provisions such as extra coffee, paper towels and anything that may be used in large amounts. With allowances made for your team, we then review the space based on your team’s needs and determine what furniture and tech are required. We then facilitate the testing of internet speeds (upload and download) so that a dedicated fiber internet connection is up and running before you arrive to the space. A fast and reliable connection is crucial for an effective managed review, and at Carr Workplaces it’s guaranteed from the minute you start working in any of our locations.

What should you anticipate coming into a document review with Carr Workplaces?

As we strive to identify flexible office solutions, we understand the unpredictability that is a part of the document review process. Unlike others, our unique, flexible terms allow for week-to-week agreements so that you are not held to a monthly contract. Additionally, our per-workstation pricing allows for easy additions or downsizing of projects.

How important is accountability to us?

Finally, along with your commitment, we emphasize accountability and respect of our office spaces.  Our Team Members will provide essential support as an in-person point-of-contact to your document reviewers. Expect a Team Member to be around on the first day of a managed document review – meeting with personnel to discuss features of the space and answer any questions that you may have.

What should your overall expectations be?

As our Legal Coworking Guide makes clear, our years of experience working with legal professionals set us apart from the rest. With the know-how to prepare for your document review team of any size, capacity to support your administrative needs, and ability to anticipate and meet schedule changes with flexible solutions, we are the clear choice to host any managed document review.

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