10 Reasons Carr Workplaces Electric Works Is the Right Location for Your Office

 The office space for your company is more than just a physical location in which you and your team work together. The location of your office can impact your team’s productivity, your business’ bottom line, and even your ability to scale and grow your company.

When choosing the right location for your office, you must consider what the geographic location communicates to prospective partners, employees, and customers about your business. Is the office space you’re considering in a good neighborhood? Is it centrally located and close by everything you and your team might need?

When you’re considering a new office space, it’s also important to have the flexibility as you grow to add additional private offices and access to drop-in coworking space. Additionally, you’ll want to target an office space that offers on-site amenities, support, and a friendly and welcoming environment.

What Makes Carr Workplaces Electric Works the Right Location for Your Office

Carr Workplaces Electric Works is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the city’s new Electric Works campus development project.

Check out these 10 reasons why Carr Workplaces Electric Works center is the right location for your office:

  1. Historic Location

Carr Workplaces Electric Works location is situated in an historic, 39-acre manufacturing campus originally owned and operated by General Electric.

Originally built in 1883, the building has recently been reimagined and renovated into a gorgeous mixed-use development of residential, commercial, hospitality, and community spaces designed to inspire innovation and build community.

  1. Nearby Two Top-Ranked Universities

Our Electric Works center is located just a two-hour drive from two of the most prestigious universities in the region. The first is Purdue University, ranked one of the top 10 most recognized institutions of higher education in the world and as a Top 50 Innovative Company by Fast Company.

The second is the University of Notre Dame, ranked a top 20 Best College by U.S. News & World Report and in the top 200 in The Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2024.

Proximity to these two campuses provides you with access to the best minds that the area has to offer. With nearly 60,000 students enrolled at these two universities, you’ll be in a great position to recruit new graduates to join your team.

Need expertise in specific field? You also can tap into the faculty and research community at both universities when needed.

Once again, CW Electric Works is not located five miles from Purdue, that is CW Convergence. Suggest re-write here. Maybe look up colleges/universities near Fort Wayne and replace with ‘Close to Local Schools/Universities.’

  1. All-Inclusive Private Offices

Our Electric Works location boasts over 32,000 square feet of office space, including private offices that are ideal for confidential or focused work.

Our dedicated, fully furnished private offices include lockable doors, access to our on-site team, and flexible, scalable lease terms that allow you to expand your real estate footprint as your company grows.

  1. Coworking Space To Accommodate Hybrid, Floating Schedules 

Carr Workplaces Electric Works also includes coworking space that can be leased on a daily or monthly basis. Our Dedicated Desk offering is the perfect fit if you have team members with floating schedules or for hybrid work.

Coworking spaces at our Electric Works location include access to a business center with printing, shredding, and scanning services. As a coworking client, you’ll have 24/7 access to your workspace and are invited to use our on-site business center for scanning, shredding, and printing services.

  1. Union Street Market and Food Hall

As an Electric Works client, take advantage of the Union Street Market and Food Hall that is located on the Electric Works campus adjacent to our private offices, coworking spaces, and event spaces.

The campus’ Union Street Market operates daily both indoors and outdoors and includes a wide variety of Indiana’s locally grown and produced food and drink. You won’t have to venture far from your office to grab a quick bite to eat or meet with business partners over a delicious meal, coffee, or beverage.

  1. Vibrant Business Community

When choosing the right location for your business, it’s vital to be connected to a community of like-minded professionals. As a Carr Workplaces Electric Works client, you’ll be surrounded by fellow professionals and businesses working from our private offices and coworking spaces.

Even though our Electric Works location just opened a year ago, this unique location already is home to a variety of companies including think tanks, legal offices, marketing companies, a yoga studio, and many other types of companies and businesses.

  1. On-Site Space for Events

When you work from our Electric Works center, you also can take advantage of the event spaces available on-site for your next meeting, conference, or other type of gathering. Choose from a variety of event space sizes and layouts that can accommodate up to 100 guests.

All Electric Works events spaces feature WiFi, TVs with presentation and conference capabilities, and white boards. We also offer catering and beverage service for our event spaces to make event-planning as easy as possible for you and your team.

The rooftop deck at Electric Works is a favorite event space for businesses of all kinds. Host a catered lunch on our rooftop deck to impress prospective funders or partners with the skyline of Fort Wayne as your backdrop.

  1. Networking Events

Networking is vital to growing your business and making fruitful connections with prospective partners and customers. Our Electric Works location hosts weekly and monthly networking events to help you get to know the other business owners working from our private offices and coworking spaces.

Our networking events are ideal for finding the consultant you need for you company or even can become a rich referral source for your sales team.

  1. Conference and Meeting Spaces

As a Carr Workplaces client, you’re invited to book Electric Works’ on-site, state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis. Choose from a variety of small, medium, and large conference and meeting rooms that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Our on-site meeting and conference rooms are fully equipped with everything you need for your next meeting and include support from the friendly Electric Works team.

  1. Unlock Member Rates, Convenient App-Based Booking with WorkReady+

Carr Workplaces’ WorkReady+ app provides you with discounts on meeting rooms across our national network of private office and coworking locations. Through WorkReady+, you’ll also receive hand-selected discounts on other services to help you run your business (and life) more efficiently.

With our WorkReady+ app, you can book meeting rooms and workspaces, order catering, submit maintenance requests, and connect with the 7,500 other professionals in the WorkReady+ network.

To learn more about Carr Workplaces at Electric Works, schedule a tour or call us at (866) 983-5785.

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