Coworking Space: A Cost-Effective Solution for Growing Your Business

A recent study by Bank of America found that 88% of businesses report inflation is hurting revenue and that operating costs have increased by 20 percent or more in a very short period of time.

As a result of inflation and increased operating costs, many companies that want to grow are tending to spurn traditional office space rentals in favor of coworking. It is likely why the number of coworking spaces in the United States has more than doubled since 2018.

Coworking spaces, such as those offered by Carr Workplaces, allow you to expand your office space footprint incrementally as your business grows without committing to a long-term lease.

Coworking spaces are especially popular with legal professionals, financial advisors, and consultants because of the rich amenities and services that often are included with coworking spaces.

Read on to dig deeper into why coworking space is a cost-effective solution for growing your business.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Growing Your Business: Add Additional Space Only as Needed

Imagine the following scenario: You’re the CEO and founder of a consultancy business with five employees. You lease a private office at one of Carr Workplaces national locations to use for your own focused and confidential work.

For your team, you lease one of our team spaces that your employees use once a week to discuss ongoing projects and client needs. The rest of the time, your team works remotely from home.

Six months later, your book of business has expanded significantly and you find that you need more face-to-face time with your team. In another scenario, you might need to add new employees to your existing team.

As a Carr Workplaces client, you can easily add new private offices, team space, or dedicated coworking space as needed. That level of scalability with office space on an as needed basis isn’t possible with a traditional office space lease.

When renting a traditional office space for your team, you’d likely need to rent the space for an entire year, even though your team would only be using the space once a week and the room would remain empty for the remainder of the year.

Ultimately, the scalability offered by our coworking space can keep your operating expenses low while allowing you to expand your team and real estate footprint as your client base expands.

Coworking’s Flexibility: Rent Space by the Month, Day, or Hour

Now, let’s picture a slightly different scenario.

Imagine you lead a large law firm and you find you must bring in team members from another location to work on a case on a temporary basis. Alternatively, perhaps you want to expand your firm’s presence into a new market without opening a new location and renting office space on a long-term basis.

In both of these scenarios, opting for a coworking space would be an ideal and cost-effective solution. Here is why.

Private offices and coworking spaces at Carr Workplaces can be added on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis so you’re only ever paying for exactly what you need for office space.

If you find you also need meeting and conference room space at some point in your company’s growth, Carr Workplaces has what you need, as well. All of our coworking locations include on-site state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms that are available in a variety of sizes and layouts.

Each Carr Workplaces location also includes on-site event spaces to make planning your next event or large meeting as easy and stress-free as possible. Full-service catering and beverage service are available when you lease event space at our locations as well.

Carr Workplaces meeting rooms and event spaces may be rented by the day or by the hour, which means you’re never paying for real estate that you’re not using.

Amenities, Services, and More Cost Savings

Another reason why coworking space at Carr Workplaces is a cost-effective solution for growing your business is that our leases are all-inclusive. As a private office or coworking client, your lease includes access to our on-site team at no additional cost.

Our team can answer phone calls for your business, greet guests on your behalf and walk them to your office, and receive mail and deliveries for your company. Our professional, on-site team also can provide traditional support including printing, making copies, and scanning documents.

When you rent Carr Workplaces meeting and conference rooms or event spaces, you’ll receive support from our on-site team, as well. Our team provides presentation support and can create binders and other collateral for your meeting or event. Our team also will provide complimentary stationary, pens, whiteboards and flip charts for your next meeting or event.

All of the above included amenities and services ultimately reduce line items on your budget sheet. As a Carr Workplaces coworking client, you won’t need to hire staff to field phone calls and sort mail for your company or hire IT staff to support you during presentations and meetings.

All Carr Workplaces private offices, coworking spaces, meeting and conference rooms, team spaces, and event spaces come fully furnished and elegantly decorated. Our locations also come equipped with printers, scanners, fax machines, high speed internet, multi-line phones, virtual conference hardware and software, projection systems, Polycom phones, and conference call bridges.

As a Carr Workplaces client, your business won’t have the added expense of paying for the above office furnishings and office equipment when you add additional private office or coworking space as your business expands, which represents additional cost savings.

All you and your team need to bring with you to Carr Workplaces coworking locations are computers/laptops and great ideas — we’ll handle everything else.

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