It’s the People: John Bermingham, General Manager, Carr Workplaces White House

As a family owned and operated company with roots in the hospitality industry, we’re a true team, dedicated to empowering and lifting one another up in our everyday work. You’ll see this sentiment reflected in the top-of-the-line service we provide to professionals like you — and in the communities we create and support in our national network of coworking centers.

In this newest “It’s the People” blog, we’re introducing you to John Bermingham, who is the General Manager of Carr Workplaces White House in Washington, D.C.

As General Manager, John oversees and manages all the workspaces and meeting rooms at Carr Workplaces White House.

John has been with Carr Workplaces for over eight years and loves supporting the clients who work from Carr Workplaces White House.

When he’s not working, John enjoys traveling internationally and sampling different types of foods at restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area.

Say hello to John Bermingham, Carr Workplaces White House locations’ General Manager!

John’s Role and Responsibilities at Carr Workplaces White House

“My job comes down to making sure that the White House center operations run smoothly every Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM,” John shared. “I try to keep things under control and help our on-site community management team members grow and learn different aspects of how to manage and run the center as well.”

John oversees day-to-day tasks for our White House location and ensures that these tasks are completed.

These include mail forwarding, answering, and triaging phone calls, and ensuring that clients working from Carr Workplaces White House have everything they need.

John’s responsibilities also include bringing new clients into the center, organizing networking events, and educating local businesses and organizations about what Carr Workplaces has to offer.

“I think that’s why they call my position a general manager,” John explained. “It’s what I enjoy about being here in this role. You really are in a jack-of-all-trades position. Some days, I’m helping a client set up their office and getting their furniture configured the way they want it. Other days, I might be going out with one of our clients to see their new exhibit that just opened. In this role, the humdrum is not pervasive. It’s not like you’re grinding out the same thing day after day. It varies pretty wildly, but that’s what I enjoy about it.”

What John Appreciates About Carr Workplaces’ Company Culture: It’s the People!

 Before joining the Carr Workplaces team and just after graduating from college, John worked as a court reporter with a legal services firm for a year and a half. John first joined the Carr Workplaces team as a Community Manager in the spring of 2015 and has since been promoted several times.

He started out as a floating Community Manager and worked his way up to Assistant General Manager and then was promoted to General Manager of Carr Workplaces White House location in 2021.

According to John, what he loves about working at Carr Workplaces is the people.

“The folks who work here are generally social people with positive attitudes,” said John. “There’s usually empathy and warmth in all of my work interactions. It’s very rare that you deal with someone who is outright rude or toxic. There aren’t a lot of companies that you say that about.”

John also enjoys being someone that other people can ask questions of and rely upon, as well. He likes being able to use his expertise and knowledge to help professionals and companies working from the White House center, as well as his colleagues.

“Even if I’ve only met a person once — let’s say I met someone once when they were visiting from Los Angeles — they’ll reach out to me and ask questions, which I welcome,” said John. “It’s nice to have that communal feel within Carr Workplaces.” 

John’s Hobbies and Life Outside Carr Workplaces 

When he’s not working, John loves travelling internationally and admits to being somewhat of a foodie.

“This year, I went to Egypt and last year I visited Scotland and Ireland,” John shared. “The year before that, I did Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Related to my love of travel, I also like lots of different kinds of food and try to push my friends as much as possible to try new restaurants.”

John enjoys introducing his friends to different types of foods, such as Ethiopian food and Japanese barbecue and hot pot.

“I like getting exposure to other ways of eating and the communal aspect of that,” John said. “I try to push my friends and expose them to other parts of the world and different ways of eating.”

John’s favorite D.C. area restaurants include Thip Khao (pronounced like the words tip cow in English), a Laotian restaurant in the Columbia Heights area that he’s been enjoying for years. He also has taken a liking to Love, Makoto, a collection of new Japanese restaurants that operate together near Union Station and allow exposure to several different, delicious cuisine styles.

As for future travel plans, John reports that he’ll be traveling to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg this spring, which he looks forward to. John is especially excited to visit the city of Bruges in Belgium, known for its Medieval architectural style and good beer.

“We humans have been drinking beer for the last 10,000 years, so it must be good for us, right?” John mused.

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