Carr Workplaces: The Ideal Location for Your Next Event

At Carr Workplaces, our ethos is grounded in hospitality with a desire to provide you, the busy professional or business owner, with everything you might need, all in one convenient location.

Our national network of coworking centers include private offices, team suites, drop-in coworking space, meeting space, community café, and more. What you may not know is that our locations also include elegant event spaces designed to impress prospective funders, clients, and partners.

From exclusive access to gorgeous rooftop decks with one-of-a-kind views to unique and historic buildings that can accommodate up to 350 guests, we promise that Carr Workplaces’ event spaces will deliver.

To make your event planning as stress-free as can be, consider adding food and beverage service to your event space booking to streamline your planning process.

Whether you’re planning a professional event such as a board meeting, annual conference, or quarterly meeting, , consider all that Carr Workplaces’ event spaces have to offer.

Carr Workplaces’ Event Spaces: Unbeatable Variety

With upscale event spaces located all across the country, Carr Workplaces can be your go-to source for some of the most prestigious event spaces available.

No matter if you’re hosting networking events, lunch and learns, conferences, or annual corporate gatherings, you’ll love the variety of event spaces offered by Carr Workplaces.

Choose from auditoriums, large reception rooms, outdoor spaces, ballrooms, and other types of event spaces that are suitable for events for a wide range of between 30 and 350 guests.

Check out this sampling of Carr Workplaces’ upscale event spaces:

The Willard Center in Washington, D.C.

Event spaces at Carr Workplaces at the Willard Center in Washington, D.C. include an elegant atrium space and outdoor courtyard, which is available during warm weather months. In addition, a rooftop terrace and breeze way is available at Carr Workplaces at the Willard Center for events as well.

Looking for even more event options? Consider the 22,000 square feet of event space available at the Willard InterContinental Hotel, which is conveniently located adjacent to Carr Workplaces at the Willard coworking center.

Electric Works in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Carr Workplaces Electric Works in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is located on the Electric Works campus, an historic, 39-acre campus that was originally a General Electric factory.

The reimagined and totally renovated Electric Works campus is a unique, mixed-use district that includes several upscale, all-inclusive event spaces. In fact, Electric Works is home to a high-end conference center that our on-site team manages and oversees.

In 2023, over 200 events were held at the Electric Works conference center. These events included trainings and seminars, conferences, holiday parties, and bridal showers.

Consider booking Electric Works’ Forum, rooftop terrace, or Crawford North + South event spaces for your next gathering in Fort Wayne.

Carr Workplaces King Street in Alexandria, Virginia

You’ll also love the rooftop terrace in Alexandria, Virginia, available at Carr Workplaces King Street.

Situated in Alexandria’s Old Town, the event spaces at our King Street location include a rooftop terrace with stunning views that are sure to impress attendees of your next event.

You’ll enjoy one-of-a-kind views of the nearby George Washington Masonic National Memorial and beautiful Alexandria from our rooftop event space.

The rooftop terrace at Carr Workplaces King Street can accommodate up to 60 guests, making it ideal for events such as receptions, lunches, networking events, and bridal events.

The Aon Center in Chicago

Carr Workplaces Aon Center is situated in the Aon Center in downtown Chicago, directly across the street from Millennium Park with views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.

On-site, professional event spaces at the Aon Center include the Cloud Level Soapbox Conference Center, which is suitable for up to 80 people in a theater configuration or 48 attendees in a classroom setup.

The Aon Center’s Auditorium is a larger space that is suitable for up to 200 guests. The Auditorium is a theater style space that is perfect for events such as lectures, conferences and conventions, seminars, startup pitch events, and more.

Carr Workplaces K Street in Washington, D.C.

Carr Workplaces K Street location in Northwest Washington, D.C. is situated mere steps from The White House and adjacent to Dupont Circle. Our K Street center is located in the heart of where many D.C. businesses, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations are headquartered.

Event spaces at our Carr Workplaces K Street include a rooftop deck that offers spectacular views of downtown Washington, D.C. The rooftop deck event space at our K Street location is suitable for up to 150 guests.

In search of a slightly smaller space for team collaborations, networking events, or photo shoots? Consider Carr Workplaces K Street’s meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate as many as 30 attendees.

In addition to the event spaces above, Carr Workplaces also offers elegant, upscale event spaces in the following other locations: Arlington, Virginia, Boston, Massachusetts, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Lafayette, Indiana, Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, Orange County in California, San Francisco, and Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Flexible Booking, Exclusive Access

Event spaces booked through the general managers at Carr Workplaces locations may be booked on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, depending on your needs. This ensures that you’re only paying for the space exactly when you need it.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a client at a Carr Workplaces coworking center to book one of our exclusive event spaces. Any business or individual is welcomed to book any of our upscale event spaces.

Also keep in mind that many Carr Workplaces event spaces offer one-of-a-kind views and exclusive access to areas that aren’t generally open to the general public. Instead of opting for a bland venue for your next event, take your event to the next level by booking one of our impressive event spaces.

All-Inclusive Pricing

When you book one of Carr Workplaces’ event spaces, support from our on-site is included with your booking. Our team can greet your guests as they arrive at your event, handle your technological needs throughout, and make sure everything goes as planned with your big event.

Flip charts, markers, snacks, presentation support, audio, and web and video conferencing capabilities are available for all event spaces, as well.

Carr Workplaces’ all-inclusive event pricing helps you stay within your established budget and eliminates surprise bills after your event has concluded.

Food and beverage service, tents, music, and lighting also may be added to your event space booking for an additional fee.

To connect with the general manager of a Carr Workplaces event space location near you, visit or call us at (866) 982-5840.

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