7 Reasons Mental Health Therapists Prefer Carr Workplaces Westchester 

Carr Workplaces Westchester in Harrison, New York, has become an increasingly popular location for therapists and other mental health professionals to work from for a multitude of reasons.

As a mental health therapist, you look for and require specific features when considering a new office space for your practice.

You need not only a professional environment that is warm and inviting to your patients but one that also allows you to maintain confidentiality, privacy, and discretion.

Additionally, you’ll want a location that is convenient and easily accessible for clients, whether they are driving or using public transit to get to their appointments.

Establishing an office nearby other therapists also is essential, as doing so broadens your referral network which comes in handy when you need to refer patients to other clinicians.

Westchester Offices

“In total, we have more than 40 therapists headquartered at our Westchester location,” said Kate Dilorenzo, General Manager of Carr Workplaces Westchester.

“We’ve created a directory of therapists and psychiatrists working here to engage them all because they’re all looking for referrals. It’s become quite a community for mental health professionals here.”

Check out these seven reasons why mental health therapists prefer Carr Workplaces Westchester location over other office space options!

  • Fully-Furnished, Private Offices With 24/7 Access

“Probably 15 of the 40 therapists we have working from this location have full-time, dedicated private offices that they use for their therapy sessions and for their own personal work,” Kate shared.

As a private office client, you’ll enjoy your own fully-furnished space centered around privacy with four walls, a lockable door, and wide corridors. Private offices also include 24/7 office access and unlimited gourmet coffee, tea, and filtered water from an on-site community café.

Private offices at Carr Workplaces Westchester also are fully customizable. Though all private offices are fully furnished, you have the freedom to rearrange your space as needed and customize your office with specific paint colors and decorations. 

  • On-Site Therapy Rooms

To meet the needs of the therapists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals in the Westchester area, Kate and her team also have created designated therapy rooms. These therapy rooms may be leased by the hour, day, week, month, or longer.

Westchester Therapy Office

“We have about seven vacant private offices that we’ve turned into therapy rooms,” said Kate. “These are rooms with couches, comfy chairs, soft lighting, noise machines, do not disturb signs, and nice pictures on the wall for local therapists to come and use as needed with clients.”

  • Virtual Office Options

Several of the therapists working from Carr Workplaces Westchester are virtual office clients. That means they don’t lease a full-time, physical office space at the location, but instead meet with their patients in other settings or a home office.

With our virtual office offerings at Carr Workplaces Westchester, you can take advantage of having a prestigious Westchester County address for your practice. This may be a particularly attractive option if you require a New York address for your practice for compliance or licensing reasons.

Available virtual office options include a combination of a business phone number with phone call answering, virtual administrative support, mail management, and/or a set number of hours per month that can be used in any Carr Workplaces’ meeting room or day office.

  • Carr Workplaces Westchester’s Easy-To-Access Location

Another reason why mental health therapists prefer Carr Workplaces Westchester over other office space options is the center’s convenient location in Harrison, New York, which is just 30 miles outside of Midtown Manhattan.

Conveniently located along the Metro-North train line, it’s a short ride to and from not only New York City, but also to and from White Plains, Rye, Scarsdale, and Mamroneck.

Carr Workplaces Westchester also is strategically located nearby three major highways and offers complimentary on-site parking.

All of the above means your clients will find your office at the Westchester center easy to access.

  • Proximity to Other Mental Health Professionals

The therapists and psychiatrists working from the Westchester coworking center are interested in networking with and referring to other mental health professionals working from the location.

Proximity to other therapists means it is much easier for you to refer to another clinician if you’re not taking new patients or if and when you need to refer a client to a therapist who specializes in a specific type of treatment.

As a client working from Carr Workplaces Westchester, you’ll also be invited to monthly networking events hosted by Kate and her team. These networking events are a great way to meet other therapists working from the location and broaden your referral network further.

  • Carr Workplaces Westchester: A Vibrant Community

“It’s become quite a family here,” Kate shared. “Most of the clients here are the decision-makers in their businesses and are the ones handing me a check monthly, not some impersonal billing office in another city.

“Most of the people working from here want to have that personal connection. We have such a good group of people here with us.”

Kate noted that while some people working from Carr Workplaces Westchester are seeking that community aspect, every professional is different and is welcome to choose how much or how little they want to participate in the community without pressure.

  • A Warm, Friendly Environment

The warm and inviting atmosphere at Carr Workplaces Westchester is another reason why mental health therapists prefer the Westchester location over other office space options in the area.

“We do get a lot of guests in our center and our front desk is positioned directly in front of the elevators,” Kate said. “As soon as a guest steps off the elevator, we are there smiling, greeting them, and asking, ‘How can we assist you?’”

The Westchester location’s friendly, on-site community management team can greet your clients and call you when they arrive, putting your patients at ease and creating a welcoming environment for them.

If you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, or other type of professional who would like to learn more about Carr Workplaces Westchester, schedule a free tour or reach out to the General Manager Kate Dilorenzo at (914) 468-0800.

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