Why Are Private Office Options in Coworking Spaces So Popular?

  • Do you need a private office that can be locked to securely store confidential documents? 
  • Are you an attorney or therapist who requires privacy to discuss matters with clients? 
  • Are you a law student studying for the bar exam or do you require a quiet atmosphere in which to do focused work? 
  • Do you need flexibility with your office space or do you anticipate bringing on new team members as your company grows?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a private office in a Carr Workplaces coworking center may be just what you’re looking for. 

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Even if you don’t relate to the above specific scenarios, private office options in a coworking center offer a multitude of benefits to businesses of all types and sizes. 

Private offices in coworking centers are especially popular among startups, freelancers, and small businesses that require privacy and dedicated workspace.

Leasing private offices in coworking spaces provides space for confidential and focused work, as well as opportunities to socialize with colleagues and other professionals. 

Private offices in coworking spaces also offer unparalleled flexibility and include on-site support and amenities plus on-demand access to workspaces and meeting and conference rooms.

Discover why nearly 75% of businesses that work from coworking spaces choose private office options over other workspace types.

Private Office Options in Coworking Spaces: Ideal for Focused Work and Confidential Client Meetings 

The top reason private office options in coworking spaces are so popular is the privacy and quiet they afford.

When you or your team members work from a private office in a coworking space, you have a dedicated space in which you can work uninterrupted with minimal distractions. This is especially important if the work you do requires high levels of concentration.

Leasing a private office in a coworking space also provides you with the best of both worlds when compared with other workspace options. When your private office is located in a coworking center, there are opportunities for social interaction just outside your office door should you want them.

If you’re in a business sector where confidentiality is paramount and privacy is required for client meetings, private offices in coworking centers also are often ideal.

Leasing a private office at a Carr Workplaces’ coworking center provides you with 24/7 access to your office, on-site building security, a lockable door, and a truly private space that’s yours.

If you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, attorney, or in another type of profession where privacy and discretion are required, private offices ensure you have the dedicated space and quiet atmosphere that will put your clients at ease.

Private Office Options in Coworking Spaces Offer Greater Flexibility

With a traditional office space, you’ll likely have to commit to a multi-year contract with the property owner. In contrast, coworking centers such as those provided by Carr Workplaces offer flexible lease terms that allow you to only pay for exactly the workspace you need, no more.

As a private office client at Carr Workplaces, you don’t have to make a long-term financial commitment to private office space. Private offices may be leased by the day, week, month, or for longer periods.

The flexible lease terms of private offices allow you to expand and contract your real estate footprint as needed. This is especially important if your business is cyclical and you only need access to a private office at certain times of the year.

Coworking centers’ flexible terms allow you to add and subtract office space as needed without incurring hefty financial penalties, which is good news for growing businesses, too.

Imagine you’re a small legal team leasing two private offices at one of Carr Workplaces’ nationwide locations. You land a large client and suddenly find that you need to expand your team and office space quickly.

Doing so is easy when working from private offices in a coworking space. You can easily lease additional private offices or team spaces as you bring on new attorneys.

You also won’t need to move your entire operation into a new building or face exorbitant fees as you might with traditional office spaces.

On-Site Support, Amenities, and Additional Spaces Available On-Demand

Another reason why private office options in coworking spaces are popular is because of the additional benefits and amenities typically included in lease agreements.

At Carr Workplaces’ coworking centers, you’ll enjoy support from on-site community management teams at all of our nationwide locations for no additional cost. Our friendly, professional on-site teams can answer your business phone calls, greet clients and visitors, and manage your company’s mail and deliveries.

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All Carr Workplaces’ private offices also come fully furnished and include access to printers, scanners, copiers, and a business center with office supplies. You’ll enjoy access to on-site fitness centers, parking, and community cafés with unlimited gourmet coffee and tea, as well as filtered water.

One of the major benefits of working from a coworking center is that you also gain access to other types of spaces available on-site at the center.

All Carr Workplaces coworking centers also offer on-demand meeting and conference rooms for those times when you need a space larger than your office. Meeting and conference rooms may be booked by the hour, day, or week and catering may be added if needed.

When you need additional workspace beyond your private office(s), you also have the option of adding workspaces incrementally.

You could lease on-site Dedicated Desks for hybrid team members on a short- or long-term basis as your team grows. You also have the option of adding team spaces should your team grow even larger and you find you need private space for group or project-based work.

Schedule a free tour of a Carr Workplaces coworking center near you or call our team at (866) 983-5819 to learn more about our private offices and other workspace options. 

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