Carr Workplaces’ Flexible Private Offices: The Go-To Solution for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

If you’re a small to medium sized business owner, you’re looking for private offices that provide flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re a legal professional, start-up, tech company, or established small to medium sized business, you want to pay only for the office space you require to keep operating expenses in check as you grow your business.

Carr Workplaces’ private offices provide small to medium sized businesses like yours with the privacy you need to conduct confidential meetings, meet with team members and funders, and do highly focused work in a quiet environment. Unlike a traditional office rental, our private offices can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you’re only paying for exactly what you need.

When you work out of Carr Workplaces, you’ll also gain access to meeting and conference rooms, networking events, on demand collaboration space, event spaces, coworking space, and much more.


Carr Workplaces’ Private Offices: Flexible Contracts With Room To Scale

Carr Workplaces’ private offices are the perfect choice for small to medium sized businesses that require quiet, dedicated space for meetings with prospective customers, meetings with funders or team members, or focused work.

We offer a variety of private office options, including Full-Time Private Offices, Part-Time Private Offices, Private Day Offices, and Flex Offices. All of our private offices are available in a variety of sizes and layouts featuring modern furnishings and elegant décor.

Carr Workplaces’ private offices can be booked on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis. These options give you the highest level of flexibility so that you’re only ever paying for just the space you need — nothing more.

As your business expands, you easily can add additional private offices or even team spaces as you bring on new staff members. If you have some employees working remotely or part time, you will want to explore Carr Workplaces coworking and virtual office options, as well.

Networking Events, Prestigious Locations, and Other Private Office Perks

As a Carr Workplaces’ private offices client, you’ll be invited to monthly and weekly networking events. These networking events help you get to know the other businesses and professionals working in your local Carr Workplaces location.

Carr Workplaces’ networking events can become a rich referral source for new business for your company. You never know who you might meet at Carr Workplaces’ networking events. You may find the specific type of consultant that you need for your small to medium sized business or meet another business owner with contacts that would be beneficial to your company.

Carr Workplaces also are situated in highly desirable locations, providing your company with a prestigious business address that will send the right message to your colleagues, partners, clients, and funders. Our workplaces are located in urban and suburban city centers that are close to everything you might need.

No need to invest in equipment or hire IT and administrative support when you use Carr Workplaces private offices. All of our private offices include on-site support and the use of equipment such as printers and scanners, which helps reduce operating expenses for your small to medium sized business.

On-Demand Collaboration Space

If you need collaboration space for your team members as they work on a project or brainstorm ideas, look no further than Carr Workplaces’ meeting and conference rooms. Our on-site meeting and conference rooms may be rented by private offices clients on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis to provide you with the flexibility to expand your physical space footprint as needed.

Our professional, state of the art meeting and conference rooms are available in small, medium, and large sized layouts. All our meeting and conference room rentals include a multi-line handset with unlimited calling, built in TVs, projection systems, and all-inclusive administrative support.

If you’re looking for ultimately flexibility, consider Carr Workplaces WorkReady+ that offers you with discounts on meeting rooms and workspaces across our national network of workplaces.

Designed to help you run your business (and life) with greater efficiency, WorkReady+ provides you with discounts on business services and access to Carr Workplaces’ directory of 7,500+ like-mind professionals.

Carr Workplaces: Ideal for Floating Employee Schedules

Floating work schedules are particularly attractive to small and medium sized businesses like yours because daily hours can vary according to operational needs. Carr Workplaces is the perfect choice for small and medium sized businesses with floating employee schedules that may change from week to week.

Let’s say, for example, that you have several Dedicated Desks at a Carr Workplaces location and you anticipate that several different employees will be alternating between coming into the office and working remotely from home. Carr Workplaces allows you to do this with no problem.

Versatile Event Spaces

If you’re holding professional events such as trainings, retreats, quarterly meetings, or meet and greets., look no further than Carr Workplaces. In addition to providing flexible private offices, we also can offer a luxurious, high-end location for your next event.

Impress your clients by holding your event in one of our Professional Event or Social Event Spaces that can accommodate between 30 and 200 guests.

Woo event attendees with delicious drinks and delectable catered cuisine while you chat with them on one of our rooftop patios or over lunch in one of our elegant ballrooms.

Our on-site team will handle all the event logistics so that you can stay focused on relationship-building, speaking with clients, and enjoying your event.

Carr Workplaces is also ideal for company-wide retreats and annual meetings. Choose from indoor and outdoor options that include everything from conference centers and auditoriums to terraces, courtyards, and atriums.

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