5 Reasons Businesses Love Carr Workplaces Coworking Centers: Real-World Testimonials

At Carr Workplaces, our approach is grounded in hospitality. At each of our nationwide coworking centers, our goal is to provide you and your employees with everything you might need in your day-to-day work.

Each of our locations offers a variety of workspace options to suit your every need. These include fully furnished private offices, team suites, Dedicated Desks and Touchdown Desks, Virtual Offices, meeting and conference rooms, and event spaces.

Carr Workplaces’ coworking centers are strategically situated in thriving business communities so that you don’t even need to leave the building to find that contractor you need to hire for your business or to expand your professional network.

Our centers also are located in close proximity to high-end shopping, entertainment, and dining options to make life easier, as well.

But rather than telling you why we think our coworking centers are a cut above other office space options, we’ll let our current clients highlight what our network of all-inclusive centers have to offer you and your team.

The following is a sampling of the hundreds of positive reviews our coworking centers have received on Google Business. It’s worth noting that one common theme running throughout nearly every positive review we receive is our people.

Check out what these business professionals had to say about Carr Workplaces!

  1. Our Friendly, On-Site Community Management Teams

N. Kontos on Carr Workplaces Financial District in Boston, 5-Star Rating:

“I’ve been here two years and love it. I run a busy psychotherapy practice, and it is a perfect set-up and location for that. Carr Workplaces Financial District is well-appointed and managed by a highly professional staff who are friendly, warm and responsive. They are available to take care of anything I need. My particular office overlooks Post Office Square Park and garden. Plenty of conference room space is available. WiFi, printer, and copier all set up. The kitchen is the nicest I’ve seen in a shared space setting. Coffee, tea, etc. are free. Fresh, fruit infused water provided daily. Weekly cookies as a treat for everyone. Bathrooms are clean and stocked with personal amenities. People who work here are all professionals who are respectful and kind. I would highly recommend Carr Workplaces to any professional looking for a great office or suite of offices.”

  1. Carr Workplaces’ Private Offices and Virtual Offices

Lawrence Mirel on Carr Workplaces at The Willard in Washington, D.C., 5-Star Rating:

“I have had my law office in the Willard Office Space for more than ten years, first as a full office when I was the Washington office of a Philadelphia firm and then, when I left that firm, in a “virtual” office of my own. I have been very happy with both arrangements. The location is superb and the facilities are fine for their purposes. But best of all is the service provided by the Carr Workplaces staff. Everyone I have dealt with has been highly professional, courteous, responsible and friendly. They have always been responsive to my clients and others who call or visit me and cheerfully ready to help me with anything I need done. I think the fees Carr charges are reasonable, in particular for the “virtual” arrangement, especially since the District of Columbia is such a hot real estate market.”

  1. All-Inclusive Workspace Leases 

Melissa Hall on Carr Workplaces Electric Works in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 5-Star Rating: 

“Beautifully designed space in a great area with lots of the amenities of a traditional office setting all wrapped into one lease cost. It may seem high if you are comparing only price/square foot to other options but those other spaces’ leases solely by SF do not include all utilities, copier lease, janitorial, office supplies, amazing coffee options, fully loaded kitchen, and a front desk person (Rachel, our wonderful community manager). With all of those things included in our monthly cost, we are saving money overall (and bonus—we love the people in the Carr community!)”

  1. Professional and Vibrant Business Community

 Cara Hoepner on Carr Workplaces Embarcadero in San Francisco, 5-Star Rating:

“I’ve been renting at Carr since 2012, and actually treated my office as a sanctuary during the pandemic, coming in 7 days most weeks to enjoy my gorgeous view, the company of our incredible staff, the lovely open kitchen with refreshment amenities, perfect temperature, and stylish design of our office. Carr is even careful to use only non-toxic cleaning supplies in our Leed Gold-certified building, and to filter our water. I feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared-for. Carr is a gracious and friendly place to work. Over the years I’ve made friends with others who rent space on our floor – mostly legal, VC, and consultancy; I practice psychiatry. I have always enjoyed how flexible and kind and helpful our staff are, I honestly couldn’t make a single suggestion to improve the office environment.”

  1. Flexible, In-Person Workspaces for Remote Teams

Lori Macias on Carr Workplaces Aon Center in Chicago, 5-Star Rating: 

“Our company is fully remote and the team is distributed throughout the U.S. We often find ourselves in need of co-working space to host offsites in different cities and our experience at Carr Workplaces in Chicago was exceptional. We hosted a group of 20+ for one week. Jamie, Janata, and team were extremely accommodating and friendly. Several times they made additional rooms available for us to take smaller meetings and also allowed a few of us, who had later flights out, to work in one of the offices on the final day. They kept us fully caffeinated and hydrated with coffee and bottled water and the location in the AON Center is very convenient. We will definitely be returning!”

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