It’s the People: Norman Pope, Carr Workplaces’ Office Manager

As a family owned and operated company, we’re a true team, dedicated to empowering and lifting one another up in our everyday work. You’ll see this sentiment reflected in the top-of-the-line service we provide to professionals like you — and in the communities we create and support in our national network of coworking centers.

In this brand-new blog series entitled “It’s the People,” we’re highlighting our greatest assets here at Carr Workplaces: our people! In each “It’s the People” blog, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know key members of the Carr Workplaces team.

In our inaugural It’s the People blog, we’re introducing you to Norman Pope, who is the office manager at Carr Workplaces’ corporate HQ at The Willard Center in Washington, D.C.

Norman is a friendly, upbeat, self-described jack-of-all-trades who supports both the executive team and the business professionals working from The Willard’s coworking center.

When not at work at The Willard Center, Norman is likely to be found watching sports of some kind, especially football and basketball.

Meet Norman Pope, Carr Workplaces’ Office Manager!

Norman’s Role and Responsibilities on the Carr Workplaces Team

“Honestly, I always call myself a jack-of-all-trades or a Swiss Army knife because my responsibilities vary from day to day,” Norman said. “On most days, I’m the one who takes care of everyone’s needs in the office.”

Norman manages Carr Workplaces corporate office at The Willard Center, providing support to the 30 employees working there. He also pitches in by providing day-to-day support to the business professionals and companies working from The Willard coworking center.

Norman oversees the kitchen and community cafés, ensuring they’re well-stocked and replenished. He also orders supplies and manages service request calls.

Before joining the Carr Workplaces team a little over a year ago, Norman was an office manager for an environmental engineering firm.

“I feel like I’m a real people person and I really excel in my role here,” Norman shared. “I enjoy working with different personalities and I mesh well with everyone.”

Norman also assists the human resources department with onboarding new employees in addition to supporting the Carr Workplaces employees working at The Willard Center.

What Norman Loves About Carr Workplaces’ Culture: It’s the People 

Norman appreciates the ability to connect with his Carr Workplaces colleagues both in the office and outside of work at company events and outings. He recently enjoyed socializing with coworkers at Carr Workplaces annual company holiday party, which he helped organize.

“You get to know everybody and it’s a great working environment,” said Norman. “The company culture here is amazing. I love being able to work alongside everyone and bounce ideas off of them.”

Norman also appreciates the opportunity to visit Carr Workplaces’ coworking centers across the country and see new places that he might not otherwise visit. He especially enjoyed Carr Workplaces general managers conference this year, which was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at Carr Workplaces Electric Works.

“I’d never been to Fort Wayne before, so it was great to have that experience of visiting,” Norman said. “Electric Works is like its own town. Just being out there for a few days was really fun, especially with the team.”

 Memories are a powerful force in our lives, especially positive ones. When we asked Norman about his favorite Carr Workplaces memory, he cited a recent summer outing party at Spin.

“We went to Spin, which is a ping-pong place,” shared Norman. “It was fun getting together with everyone. We had a competitive tournament and it was really fun seeing everyone in a different environment, especially a competitive sports environment. I didn’t win the tournament, but I did come in second place.”

Norman’s Life Outside of Work

When it comes to his life outside of work, Norman is passionate about sports, especially basketball and college football.

Norman was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in nearby Bowie, Maryland. As far as professionals sports go, Norman is a big LeBron James fan and a huge Washington Commanders fan, despite their current rebuilding status.

Norman also loves playing sports himself, exercising, and walks outdoors. He played basketball as a high school student at St. John’s College High School in Washington, D.C., which eventually led to a scholarship at Concordia College in New York.

Norman played point guard for Concordia College for four years while a student there.

“I’ve been playing basketball all of my life,” Norman shared. “I used to play sports but now I’m just trying to get back to working out and getting outside. I’m still in tip-top shape but lately I’ve been focused on getting back into working out more regularly, going to the gym and eating right. Those have been my hobbies lately.”

One of the things Norman appreciates about working at The Willard Center is the on-site amenities, including full access to the private gym and sauna at the Willard Hotel.

“I feel like I get the best of both worlds,” said Norman. “I love the Willard because it has a private gym where you can just get your workout in and get right in and right out. Local, public gyms are usually crowded and sometimes you have to wait to use equipment. With the gym here at The Willard, I don’t have to leave the building at all to work out, which is great.”

When we asked Norman about his bucket list, he shared that his bucket list is filled with travel destinations.

“I do love to travel,” said Norman. “I want to go to places I’ve not visited before. Bora Bora is definitely on my bucket list. I’m saving it for a honeymoon or something. I’d also love to visit Maldives.”

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