Why Carr Workplaces? Rich History, Prestigious Office Locations, and All Inclusive Coworking Options That Inspire Innovation and Build Community

Founded in 2003, Carr Workplaces is a family owned and operated company with a history of providing business and communities around the United States with flexible, high-end office space for more than 20 years.

Offering private offices, customizable office suites, drop-in coworking space, on-demand meeting and conference rooms, and event spaces, Carr Workplaces allow you to do your best work, whether you’re a self-employed professional, startup, or established business with a long-term growth mindset.

Read on to learn more about what Carr Workplaces has to offer you and your company.

Carr Workplaces: A Trailblazer in the Coworking Industry

Carr Workplaces, a division of the Carr Companies, was founded in 2003 by Oliver T. Carr, Jr., the current chairman and founder of Carr Companies.

Drawing on his decades of experience building homes, workplaces, and hotels, Mr. Carr sought to create flexible workplaces that would act as the centerpieces of vibrant professional communities around the country.

Since its inception, Carr Workplaces has become a trailblazer in the coworking industry, providing businesses of all sizes with best-in-class amenities and concierge services, flexible workplace options, and all-inclusive administrative and IT support.

While Carr Workplaces is headquartered in Washington, D.C., each location is strategically located in some of our nation’s largest and most influential business markets.

Convenient, Prestigious Nationwide Locations

Carr Workplaces boasts locations in multiple metro areas across the continental United States, conveniently located in downtown and suburban areas that are in close proximity to everything you and your business might need.

Choosing Carr Workplaces gives you a high profile business address that will impress your customers, funders, partners, and colleagues alike.

Wouldn’t you like to call Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C., Fifth Ave. in New York City, or Boston’s Financial District the new home of your company? That’s what Carr Workplaces has to offer — prestigious locations for your business in the heart of business communities across the nation.

All-Inclusive, Flexible Private Office, Coworking, Virtual Office, Event, and Meeting and Conference Room Options for Your Growing Business

Workspace needs vary according to the size and type of your business. Carr Workplaces offers a host of in-person and virtual workplace options to meet your company’s specific needs — today and as you look to expand your business’ footprint in the future.

Carr Workplaces offers monthly or even daily rental terms so that you have the flexibility to add workspace on a strictly as-needed basis. Say goodbye to inflexible long-term office leases and say hello to only paying for what you need, when you need it.

Private Offices

Carr Workplaces offers several private office options including full time, part time, and flex private office space. Private day office rentals also are available at all Carr Workplaces locations.

Need even more space for your growing team? Consider our move-in ready office suites or team spaces that are designed to encourage collaborative work.

Coworking Spaces

If you don’t yet require dedicated office space, our coworking space options are ideal. Choose from our dedicated desk, touchdown desk, café plan, and day pass options to get just what you need.

Virtual Offices

Carr Workplaces offers a plethora of virtual office services, as well. Our virtual office options provide you with the prestige of a Carr Workplaces business address for your business and access to our always-smiling administrative team.

Virtual office plan options include Work From Home, use of virtual business address, business phone service, our Workspace plan, and our Virtual Office Complete.

Meeting, Conference, and Event Space

Carr Workplaces have you covered when it comes to meeting and conference rooms, as well. Our meeting and conference rooms can be rented by the day or hour and are available in a variety of sizes and layouts.

If you need to host an event, you can do that at a Carr Workplaces location too. Our exceptional event spaces are designed to impress, no matter the size of your event.

Full service catering and beverage service, A/V equipment rental, presentation support, and video conferencing can be added to your event as needed.

Join a Vibrant Community of Like-Minded Professionals

As a people-focused business, we place high value on community and relationship-building. After all, the connections you forge in your workspace can help you build your customer base, expand your referral network, and even grow your social circle.

That’s why all Carr Workplaces host weekly and monthly networking events. Our networking events are a great place to perfect your elevator pitch, meet prospective customers, get to know your workspace neighbors, and be introduced to other like-minded professionals.

Admin and IT Support Included

Unlike a traditional office space rental, all Carr Workplaces include IT and administrative support for no additional cost.

No need to budget and pay for administrative and tech support when you work out of Carr Workplaces. Keep your operating expenses in check by taking advantage of our talented on-site support teams.

Our friendly administrative teams serve as an extension of your company and are there to answer phone calls for your business, print and scan documents, greet clients and guests, and more.

Carr Workplaces IT support is there for you too and can serve as your go-to source for help with any kind of technology, including desktops/laptops, projection, virtual conference, and conference calling support.

Having trouble connecting to WiFi? Our IT support team is there for you to solve technology-based problems big and small.

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